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For over two decades, our teams of local experts have been providing personalized treatments to our communities.

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We want all of our customers to get excited about our services, which is why we offer free re-treatments until you are thrilled with the results.

Lawn Care in Medina, TN

When you look at your yard, are you happy with what you see? Whether your turf is patchy, brown, or weed-ridden, our lawn care technicians in Medina have the tools, techniques, and knowledge to revive your grass and get it looking its best. With over 20 years of experience in servicing our local neighborhoods, you can trust us to take care of grass to get you the results you want. 

Our lawn care services include: 

  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration 
  • Overseeding
  • Soil pH Balancing 
  • Mosquito Control
  • Flea & Tick Prevention
  • And more!

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Personalized Service for Proven Results

With over 20 years of experience, we know the importance of your time and money and understand that if you are paying for a service, you want to see a return on your investment. As a local company, we know our clients by name and work hard to build a relationship based on quality care that shows results! If you’re looking for a lawn care provider in the Jackson area, give us a call to discuss our treatment options today.

Most Trusted Lawn Care Service Provider in Medina

Our team at 4-Evergreen is dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our services. To do this, we treat your family as our own and take an individualized approach to ensure we are doing everything in our power to rid your yard of weeds and unwanted pests while promoting the growth and health of your turf. And if you have any concerns, we make sure someone is available to answer your call 24-7

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*Due to circumstances out of our control such as acts of God, insects, and turf diseases, we are not responsible for replacing the damaged lawn.


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Year-Round Lawn Care Treatment Programs

The last thing you want to do when you have free time is to figure out whether your grass is getting the nutrients it needs. Instead, you want to enjoy your outdoor space and feel invited by your green, luscious lawn. Our technicians are specially trained to identify weeds and nutritional deficits and create a customized, year-round treatment plan to address these needs. Depending on your needs, we will recommend anywhere from eight to five treatments spread out throughout the year. 

These treatments may include: 

  • Seasonal weed control—We prevent weeds from taking over your yard by applying a customized blend of weed control products to eliminate weeds and prevent new ones from popping up. These weed control treatments are strategically scheduled throughout the year to coincide with seasonal weeds to prevent weeds from taking hold.
  • Fertilization to prepare for the dormant season and growing season—To maintain a healthy turf during the summer, we apply a granular, slow-release fertilizer to keep your lawn strong during the dog days of summer. We also prepare your turf for the colder months through fall fertilizer treatments to strengthen the root systems of your grass. 
  • Soil pH Balancing and Lime Application—When grass grows, it uses up the nutrients in the soil. We recommend yearly soil testing to determine whether the pH of your soil is sufficient to sustain grass. We then apply the appropriate amount of lime to ensure the soil gets back to the right pH. 
  • Potassium Application—Potassium helps provide much-needed nutrients directly to the roots of your grass to help encourage growth and strengthen the roots of your grass. Ideally, potash is applied in late fall or early winter and is ushered to the root system through watering or the first rainfall. 

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Affordable, Contract-Free Options

We are dedicated to ensuring you get the results you want without worrying about being locked into a contract. At 4-Evergreen we offer three lawn care treatment programs—Premium Program, Deluxe Program, and Basic Program—which range from 8 to 5 treatments, respectively, per year. These programs are designed to help you maintain your lawn without worrying about whether you remembered to schedule the spring weed control treatment. Plus, we are so confident you will be satisfied that you will want to keep coming back for more without the need for binding contracts.

Weed Control in Medina, TN

Looking to keep your yard healthy and thriving, but don’t have the time? At 4-Evergreen, our weed removal has just what you need to keep everything under control, all year round. As part of our comprehensive lawn program, we take pride in keeping your lawn weed-free year-round.

Our weed control service includes:

  • Seasonal treatments that work to stop weed growth prior to their seasons.
  • Pre-emergent weed control that aids in weed prevention.
  • Post-emergent weed control that stops weeds in the middle of their growth cycle.
  • Treatments that target stubborn weeds.

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Bed Weed Control 

Garden beds can be a great addition when it comes to the beauty and overall appeal of your yard. However, when weeds strike, it can make you feel like all of your hard work is for nothing. With our add-on bed weed removal service, we’ll restore your bed using a systematic approach, and tackle the weeds before they become problematic. With 4-6 annual visits, we’ll keep your ornamentals healthy and resistant to weeds.

Our bed weed control technicians will:

  • Take a detailed inventory of your flower beds.
  • Create a custom treatment blend that is meant to kill off problematic weeds, while still protecting your flowers and bushes.
  • Give your beds a slow-release, pre-emergent treatment to keep new weeds from growing.
  • Keep the growing season in mind to treat weeds at optimal times.

Aeration and Seeding in Medina

Over time your soil can become compacted, preventing the roots from getting much-needed water, air, and nutrients. Our aeration and seeding services can help improve the overall condition of your lawn by:

  • Using specialized equipment to gently break up the soil without disturbing the existing grass.
  • Applying seed over the top of the existing turf to help thicken your grass and increase its longevity. This prevents the need for a total overhaul of your landscaping and is a crucial part of maintaining your lawn.
  • Spreading a starter fertilizer to help the new grass seeds germinate, sprout, and grow into a beautiful, green turf.

With our support, you can continue to have thick, strong, beautiful grass for years to come!

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My grass is easier to mow without weeds!

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Have been a customer for about 5 years. My lawn looks great. Respond if issues arise. Service personnel very courteous.

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I love the way they always text a few days before they arrive. Always responsive to any requests. Yard looks great.

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*Due to circumstances out of our control such as acts of God, insects, and turf diseases, we are not responsible for replacing the damaged lawn.