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Bartlett TN water tower

Wolf River Conservancy


Located less than 20 minutes southwest of Bartlett, the Wolf River Conservancy was founded in 1985 when a group of people opposed a gravel mine along the Wolf River. After the success of the mission, the group founded the Conservancy as a non-profit dedicated to protecting and enhancing the land surrounding Wolf River. Since then, they have successfully protected over 16,000 acres, and successfully taught and educated people of all ages about the surrounding habitat.

The Greenway is a 36-mile paved pathway that’s perfect for biking and walking or jogging. Visitors are invited to enjoy the water, and canoes and kayaks are available for rental.

Reelfoot Lake State Park


From 1811-1812, a series of earthquakes reversed the flow of the Mississippi river, causing the water to travel backwards and create Reelfoot Lake. Described as a “flooded forest,” the park’s ecosystem is truly unique in the state of Tennessee. Tall Cypress tree stand above the water, while the stumps of their shorter friends live below.

Perfect for birdwatching, the lake is home to nearly every type of shore and wading bird. It’s also home to golden and American bald eagles. These eagles nest by the thousands from January to February, with daily tours taking visitors through amazing scenes. The annual Reelfoot Eagle Festival takes place each February and is a popular birdwatching destination. And if you were to visit in fall, you’d see hundreds of white pelicans as they take a break from their seasonal migration.

Deep swamp canoe trips are offered through March and April, while pontoon boat tours occur May through September.

While swimming isn’t permitted, guests are invited to boat and fish the lake. You can camp overnight at one of its two campgrounds, and then take a nice long hike on one of its hiking trails.

T.O. Fuller State Park


Named after Dr. Thomas O. Fuller, a “prominent African-American educator, pastor, politician, civic leader, and author,” ( T.O. Fuller State Park was the first park east of the Mississippi open for African Americans. Home to a new interpretive Nature and Education Center, this 1,138-acre park is a 35-minute drive east of Collierville, off Riverport Road.

The historical park has a plethora of outdoor recreational activities and assets for you to enjoy, including an Interpretive Nature and Education Center, miles of hiking trails, multiple playgrounds, ball fields, basketball and tennis courts, and an Olympic-size pool with splash pad. The park is often host to church-groups and positive organizations.

In 1940, an excavation crew unearthed a lost prehistoric village when it was digging for a proposed swimming pool. The swimming pool’s location was moved, and the site was developed as the Chucalissa Indian Village, overseen by the University of Memphis. If you’re into history, you’ll want to check out the village, excavations, and museum.

But if you’re more into the “outdoors” aspect of the park, you can birdwatch in the Mississippi flood plains or the bluff ridges, or hike the Discover Trail – a four-mile loop. Visitors are also welcome to grill out for a picnic.

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