The Best Shade Trees to Plant in Tennessee

Here in the Southeast, we love our trees. They clean the air and make a statement in your yard, and also provide shade from the intense heat of summer. If you have limited space in your yard and are looking for the right tree for the job, a shade tree maybe your best option. An excellent shade tree can make your outdoor space feel 10-15 degrees cooler. That’s the difference between tolerable and intolerable heat. If you are looking for the best type of shade trees in our area, then take a look at this list.


Bald Cypress 

The Bald cypress makes a beautiful statement to any yard. Reaching 50 to 70 feet in height with a roughly 30-foot spread. It grows in a natural conical shape with horizontal branches. Because The Bald Cypress is a medium grower (13–24″ per year), make sure you give it plenty of space to spread out. 


Weeping Willow weeping willow tree

Weeping willows are some of the most majestic trees you will ever see. The weeping willow grows to a height of 30-40′ and a spread of around 35′-40’. It’s long drooping branches create an umbrella of shade at all times of the day. This is a great tree to plant if you have a larger yard. Be sure not to plant this tree too close to your home, pool, septic tank, or other buildings as its roots can cause a lot of damage. Weeping willows grow naturally in wetlands and swamps, so they go great next to a pond if you want to soak up that pool of standing water that never seems to go away.



This monster of a tree can grow up to 100 feet tall when fully mature. In the spring it blooms in red flowers and produces fruit in summer and fall which attracts an abundant amount of wildlife. The sycamore is a fast-growing tree, growing up to 2 feet a year! Because of its height and high growth rate, the sycamore should be planted away from other trees as it can grow taller than most trees and steal all the sunlight.


Red Maple  Red maple tree

Red Maples have smaller leaves than most maples, but they are a thick and full tree that can compete with the best when it comes to shade coverage. Reaching 65 feet when fully grown, the red maple makes a great addition to any yard and provides year-round beauty. In the fall, they put on a spectacular show of deep and bright reds, which is how it gets its name.


Sugar Maple

The most popular member of the maple family is the sugar maple. Known for producing delicious maple syrup, sugar maples are also one of the best and easiest to care for shade trees you can get. Sugar maples can reach 80 feet or more in height, and provide up to 60 feet of shade, making it a great choice for your deck or patio area. In the fall, they will take your breath away with brilliant yellow, red, and orange hues.


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