Where Do Weeds Come From?

Where do weeds come from?


Once I traveled from Canada back into the United States and before being allowed to enter, we were forced to power wash all of the dirt and mud from our rented vehicle. The main reason was to prevent nematodes from being brought into the US from Canada.

I know nematodes are an insect but being a lawn care specialist, this incident caused me to brainstorm about how weeds, like nematodes, travel from place to place.

Quite simply, weeds are like are hitchhikers.

Once weeds are established in a given area, they can be easily spread by wind, water, birds, and other animals. The seeds can also blow across snow and ice in freezing temperatures.

Weed seeds can travel long distances making it easy to introduce a particular type of weed. However, most of the time, weed seeds travel short distances, such as from lawn to lawn in a neighborhood. (Refer-A-Friend)

The truth is that weeds began to increase in numbers and variations from many generations before us. In the 1800’s, many Europeans settled in our country. In doing so, many of them brought weed seeds with them. For example, when their hay was bailed and brought into our country, so were the weed seeds. Other ways that new weed seeds entered our country were through our imports, such as containers by ships, airplanes, and vehicles when they crossed the border.

Unfortunately, weeds have always been here and always will be. As time passes new weeds are introduced and old weeds are reestablished.

4-EverGreen offers preventative sprays such as Pre-Emergent applications that are vital to keeping weed seeds from

germinating. We choose a selective herbicide at the proper rate in order to control all of your weeds and not damage your lawn.

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