What You Need To Know About Maintaining Your Lawn In Extreme Heat


At 4-Evergreen, we are currently finishing up our summer treatments of fertilizing and spraying and hope all is well with you and your lawn.

The high temperatures of the summer of 2016 had been relentless over the past 90 days as a whole. When temperatures consistently remain at high levels for an extended period of time, lawns become stressed and tend to take a turn for the worst. And with that, we get a lot of calls with questions about things homeowners can do this time of the year to help improve their lawn.

So the discussion is, “How should homeowners maintain their grass in this environment”?


Here are five simple rules to follow to not add stress to an already stressful situation:

1. Don’t mow the lawn too short. Remember, never mow more than one third of the grass blade on each mowing.

2. Or don’t mow at all! If the lawn is not growing at a pace well enough to where it needs a good trimming, then don’t mow at all. Cutting the grass blades in itself will stress the plant out let alone a 1200 to 1500 pound machine rolling across it.hotday2

3. Certainly don’t over water your lawn. Where there is most year there will be fungus. Then, add heat in our humidity to that and you have the perfect storm for diseases own lawns. (Including trees and shrubs)

4. Keep your lawn mower blades sharp. A sharp set of blades helps prevent plant injury as it will tear the leaf blade instead of a clean-cut.

5. Use extra caution. Now is not the time to get aggressive with your big “renovation plans” on your lawn. Watering in light fertilizer applications are acceptable. However, don’t lay sod,

seed, aerate, or even dethatch your lawn in our recent heat in West Tennessee.

The dog days of the summer will be sticking around for a few more weeks before temperature begin to cool. That means we will shift our focus to seeding our cool season grasses and Pre-Emergent applications to prevent cool season weeds such as henbit, clover, dandelions, and many more…..

If you would like more information about how to keep your lawn beautiful and weed free all season, contact us today at 4evergreen

Have a great week!

Scott Riley


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