Things To Consider When Choosing A Lawn Care Company

Things To Consider When Choosing A Lawn Care Company

It’s pretty simple. Not all lawn care companies in West Tennessee are created equal. Lawn Care Companies that specialize in weed control and fertilizer should have many specific decisions to make in regards to your lawns’ particular needs. From the herbicides chosen for weed control or weed prevention, to the actual blend of fertilizer selected to feed your lawn, so many companies today form a basic treatment plan for all lawns regardless of their actual needs. Therefore, it often time leaves the customer with sub-par results that they are paying or looking for.

Is Your Lawn Care Provider Controlling Your Weeds?

Weed control in residential and commercial lawns in West Tennessee is not only an art, but also a science. There are many weeds that basic herbicides will control but simply put, won’t get them all. There are many weeds that are exceptions that can become very frustrating for homeowners. A few examples of harder to control weeds are nutsedge, dallisgrass, wild violets, lespedeza, and many more. Not only do Pre-Emergent applications struggle from keeping them from germinating, but only an experienced lawn care professional will know which selective herbicide to use for that “hard to control” weed. So what is the answer to that lawn care problem? First, your lawn care provider should be knowledgeable and experienced. Next, professionals should pull a soil analysis  to get down to the make-up of your lawn(Remember that weeds thrive in acidic soil) and do a thorough inspection to identify the weeds prior to application. Then, implement a specific strategy for your lawns particular weed control needs.

Does Your Lawn Care Provider Have The Right Fertilization Strategy For Your Lawn?

It is vital to know exactly what blend of fertilizer your lawn needs to reach its full potential. The first step in a good fertilization strategy is to get a professional to pull a soil analysis which will provide you with in depth information of your soils make up and nutrient levels. The analysis will provide you with what nutrients your lawn needs and what nutrients is doesn’t.  Also, it will provide you with your soils PH, which tells if your lawns soil is acidic, alkaline, or in good shape. Not only will a deficient PH affect the end result in the way your lawn looks, but it often times will allow weeds to thrive. Once your lawn care provider has all the information from the analysis, you can now truly design and implement a fertilization strategy for your particular lawn.



Is Your Lawn Care Provider Licensed, Insured, Knowledgeable, Experienced, And Easy To Deal With?

4-EverGreen Prides itself in being a friendly, professional service that is easy to deal with. Our success is owed to the great relationships we maintain with our customers. In our mind, we want the customer to be much more than just “satisfied”.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured. 4-EverGreen wants the opportunity to customize a weed control and fertilizer  program to fit your needs and your budget. If given the chance, we will make your lawn or landscape something we both can be proud of. We provide FREE estimates all across West Tennessee.


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