The Importance of Pre-Emergent’s in Our Tennessee Lawns

The Importance of Pre-Emergent’s in Our Tennessee Lawns

Weeds in your Tennessee lawns and flower beds are the arch nemesis of every homeowner. Let’s face it, they are not pretty and can have a devastating effect on your lawn if allowed to continue to spread. If left alone, weeds will even compete with your existing turf grass for sunlight, water, and nutrients that are available in the soil. Very quickly, weeds can take over your established lawn and leave you with months, years, or even having to re-seed or sod your lawn to get it back the way it once was. Early spring and fall Pre-Emergent’s are vital in laying the foundation for weed control for your lawn year around.

Having the time, product knowledge, and equipment available to apply preventative sprays at the right time of year has always been an issue for many. Weather conditions are often times unpredictable, therefore making it even harder for homeowners as well as lawn care professionals to get these applications down at the right time in order to be effective.

Pre-Emergent herbicides prevent weed germination and are commonly used to control many annual grassy weeds, such as crabgrass. The easiest time to control weeds is before the actual plant germinates. Timing of these applications to prevent weed germination is vital to ensure the product is already in place when the environmental conditions are favorable for our summer annuals to “sprout up”. Applying a Pre-Emergent after the weed has emerged is not effective and will provide no benefit. In Tennessee, early spring Pre-Emergent applications are ideally applied from February through the end March. In the fall, Pre-Emergent applications are ideally applied from early September through the end of October.

Summer annuals, such as crabgrass, germinate when temperature reach about 55 degrees. It is critical to get your Pre-Emergent application down prior to soil temperatures reaching 55 degrees.

Now is the time of the year when professional lawn care providers are beginning to get a head start on the weeds that will soon wreak havoc, taking over our existing desired turf grass that we have worked so hard to keep lush, weed free, and healthy.
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