The Art of Mowing: Part 3


As 4-EverGreen continues to stress the art of mowing, we remain focused on your lawn’s health as well as your wallet. We have discussed in our previous articles about the importance of your mowing height. (The Art of Mowing: Part 1) and also the effects of mowing with a dull set of blades. (The Art of Mowing: Part 2) We now shift our focus on how we can get the most out of our lawn’s “built in” nutrients.

Make sure you understand that all plants carry nutritional value throughout its roots, stems, and leaves. Therefore, it is important to know when mowing, the clippings provide nutritional value that can be reused by the plant once it decomposes.

This leads to a common mistake even by some of the most loving and caring lawn people.

So, when you think you are doing your lawn some good by always bagging your clippings, you need to think again. But, is there ever a time you need to bag them? Well, maybe. But usually it is rarely needed on lawns that remain on a good mowing schedule.

Excessive buildup of clippings that “lump” up on the lawn can smother your turf and not allow any sunlight (which all plants need to survive) in those areas.

excess lawn clippings

Excessive clippings on the lawn can be solved a lot of times by simply running your mower back across the lawn as needed to help evenly distribute those clippings across the lawn. And its only right to spread the free food out fairly to the lawn, right?

Frequently bagging your clippings can lead to problems. First of all, the best “weed” defense is to have a good, thick lawn. By removing the grass clippings, you actually expose the much needed sunlight to your lawn’s soil that will make it more susceptible to erratic weed germination. Also, like discussed earlier, there is still nutritional value in those very clippings you mow and bag up occasionally when you mow.

And think of all the money we spend purchasing fertilizer, only to reapply some of those very nutrients that we just bagged up and hauled off. Leaving your lawns clippings is basically a form of recycling the nutrients back into your soil where it can be used again by the plant.

I assume you are probably like me, and I don’t want to spend more money than I have to. So, as our lawn technicians say in our office, “Lawn clippings that are barely seen will be important in keeping your lawn 4-EverGreen.”

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