The Art Of Mowing: Part 2

4-EverGreen is continuing this month to stress the importance of how we mow our lawns. Not only does it help your lawn’s overall health, but also helps the life of your mower when able to keep it away from the “hard life”. We recently wrote about how most people mow their lawns too low and how we should NEVER cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade on each mowing.


The next important factor to consider when mowing is to ensure that you keep a sharp set of blades on your mower. This makes it easier to cut the lawn clean as opposed to tearing the leaf blades with dull mower blades.

We are frequently asked, “what difference does it make”? Actually, it makes a ton of difference to those who want a nice lawn and a lawn that isn’t in constant decline.


Tearing the leaf blades of the grass will not only leave the “tips” brown but easy to see. Most of you reading this will agree, we take some sort of pride in wanting our property to look respectable, at the least and tearing the leaf blades just stresses or injures the plant making it more susceptible to insect and disease pressure.


So as we begin to get out our mowing equipment this spring, always check your machine thoroughly. Check all fluids, grease, and maintenance accordingly. Also remember, make sure you have a sharp set of balanced blades. Not only will your lawn thank you but you will also get a longer life span out of that set of blades.

Your lawn is a living “thing”. It needs food, water, and care in order to thrive. It takes the right strategy and implementation to make it beautiful, healthy, and weed free.  If you or someone you know needs help or just has questions about your lawn’s care, 4-EverGreen will be happy to assist you with information needed to help you reach your lawn care goals.

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