I like the way you work with me in trying to ensure my lawn looks its best. You try to supply the necessary food (fertilizer)for my lawn needs and I try to keep the maintenance level (mowing, sweeping, etc.) at the highest level possible so that my yard has a well-tended; a walk on the carpet look and feel.

– Bill Parmenter-Dyersburg, TN


I use 4 evergreen as well as okena pest control services and have always been very pleased with the appearance of our yard as well as the great customer service. The staff is always kind and efficient. They have an auto pay plan which simplifies timely payments when life gets busy. They recently participated in a Breast Cancer fundraiser where they designed the symbol in a Pink spray for yard decor and donated all proceeds above cost to the organization raising funds for research, so they strive to serve the community in many positive ways, plus my lawn is always nice and green!

– Kristy Neal-Medina, TN


4-Evergreen is trying hard to make our yard be the best in the neighborhood. You have helped us with our ever-increasing mole problem, placed sod in our front yard, and will add more next season. Our dead and dying yard is now coming back to life—thanks to 4-Evergreen! A beautiful lawn takes time—especially when it has as many problems as ours. You are willing to give the time to make our lawn beautiful.

– Carolyn Murray-Covington, TN


I like that my grass is always green and free of weeds. The guys are thorough and nice. Anytime I call to ask about a service change it is done the next day or even same day when possible!

– James Brown-Medina, TN


Awesome owner/worker! He came when he said he would, called me first and was in and out. Did a great job. Love his professionalism!

– Charlie W.-Cordova, TN


The healthiest of lawns that stay weed free! No hassle service.

– Chris Jones-Humboldt, TN


I like that 4evergreen comes on its own. I don’t have to call them. They keep up a tight schedule and no weed has any chance on my lawn.

– Walter & Angiolina Odermatt-Jackson, TN


My lawn looks amazing, on top of amazing customer service and great pricing! I couldn’t ask for more!

– Adam & Tiffini Forsythe-Jackson, TN


Dear 4-EverGreen, I’m not an expert on football, football fields, or anything else related to football-however-I have noticed how FABULOUS the grass on the football field at the middle school and the high school looks. Thank you for your hard work and fine care! 🙂

– Sherry


My lawn was 4-EVER LOST with all the junk grass and bare spots until I started using Scott Riley’s awesome service. Now my lawn is 4-EverGREEN!

– Kay


I’ve noticed A LOT of postings about 4-Evergreen. You certainly know it must be a GREAT service since EVERYONE is talking about it on Facebook!

– John


Scott, I want to give your employees a personal “thank you” for going above and beyond the call of duty.. Devin was in my neighborhood treating yards. He had already treated mine and driven on down the street and treated more. When he came back up the street, I was sweeping my walk and driveway. He pulled over and got his gas blower out of his truck and proceeded to clean my driveway.
Thank You, Devin and Thank You, 4 Evergreen!

– Linda


My holly shrubs and were absolutely eaten up with aphids and on the verge of death. After a few Insect & Disease sprays, they are already looking SO much better! Thanks guys!:)