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Your lawn is more than just a patch of grass that sits in front of your home. It represents who you are to everyone who drives past. Don’t you want your lawn to show that you take care of everything that you own? A nice, green, weed-free lawn is everyone’s goal. That’s why 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, as known as your local Memphis, TN lawn care service exists. We make your lawn look as good as it possibly can.

Did you know that there are two main types of grasses that are used for lawns? They are broken down into warm season grasses and cool season grasses. Some examples of the former include Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass, while bluegrass and ryegrass fall into the latter category.

No matter the type of grass that makes up your lawn, 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, your Memphis, TN lawn service specialists, can help it maintain a healthy appearance.

The Three Levels of Our Memphis, TN Lawn Care Services
In order to make it easy to choose the best level of care for your lawn, this Memphis, TN lawn service broke down our options into three categories. They include:

Our Basic Level of Memphis, TN Lawn Care
If your yard needs less care, or you’re on a budget, then the basic level is the one for you. The basic level option includes pre and post-emergent weed control spraying in the spring. We’ll come out and do this twice –once for each type of weed control – in order to rid your lawn of weeds prior to summer. Once summer rolls around, we’ll apply fertilizer and more weed control options. This happens both in early summer and in mid-summer. Finally, in the fall, we’ll ensure that your lawn is set for the cooler months, thanks to two additional applications of weed killing spray.

The Deluxe Option Includes Some Extra Services
We prove to you that we’re your Memphis, TN lawn service experts with our deluxe option. This level of service includes everything from the basic level, plus a few extras. Your lawn will be treated in the spring with weed control spray; then in early summer, we’ll fertilize it and take care of your weeds as needed. In mid-summer, the same services repeat. The difference is that after your mid-summer applications, we’ll examine your lawn to see if it has any signs of insect damage or disease. Finally, this Memphis, TN lawn care expert will add some lime to your soil in the fall, after we take care of any lingering weeds. Lime is good for adjusting the acidity of your soil.

Details on Your Premium Memphis, TN Lawn Care Service
Finally, there’s the premium level of care. In this one, we, your Memphis, TN lawn service specialists, will apply two rounds of each pre and post-emergent weed control in the spring. Over the summer, we’ll add fertilizer and more weed control, just like in the deluxe and basic packages. However, we add in one extra fertilizer application on top of the lime treatment. Finally, when the weather reaches the pre-winter stage, we’ll treat your lawn with pot ash – a powerful fertilizer that helps your lawn’s roots.

We’re Your Local Memphis, TN Lawn Service Experts
If you’re ready to make your lawn represent who you are as a person, then you need to contact 4-EverGreen Lawn Care today. We’re your Memphis, TN lawn service experts. Call us at (731) 264-0088.