It’s Open Season For Weeds!

It’s Open Season for Weeds!









Common Chickweed


Wild Onion




Just when you thought the lawn weeds were gone forever, outcomes a new batch of henbit, clover, dandelions, wild onions, and chickweed.

Will this ever end? Well, the answer is no.

Weed control is a “year-round” battle and continuing to service your lawn, even when it’s not front of mind, is important to give you the “year-round” results that you are looking for.  As temperatures are on the rise we are now entering a very critical time to control weeds in our West Tennessee and Southeast Missouri Lawns. Temperatures are fluctuating so much this time of the year. One day it is 20° and the next it is 70°.

What do we do?

It is now time to begin to implement your weed control strategy, especially for warm season grasses such as Bermuda or Zoysia. Our goal, as a lawn care provider, is to apply Early Fall and Late Winter applications of Pre-Emergent herbicides before soil temperatures reach a certain temperature to prevent weed germination. This basic principle prevents a variety, not all, weeds from being able to make a home in your established lawn.

On an established lawn, Pre-Emergent herbicides are the #1 most important and vital piece in controlling weeds. As preventative maintenance is a great tool for your vehicle or home, (termite protection) but it also is true in your lawn’s overall care.

So what is the make or break temperature point for the Pre-Emergent herbicides to be applied?

Ideally, temperatures need to be 55° or lower when a Pre-Emergent is applied and in place. Unfortunately, none of us know what mother nature is going to do. It was two years ago, when it took until the first of May before soil temperatures consistently reach the 55° mark. And several years before that, maybe five or six years ago, soil temperatures reach that same 55° by the end of February.

So when do you need to make plans? Now.

The easiest time to control weeds is in the seed stage with Pre-Emergent herbicides and as we stated above, mother nature can throw us for a loop this time of the year. It is not only impossible to predict temperatures, but other factors such as rain and wind can play a major role in hindering us in applying these time critical applications.

We understand all the challenges we face in the lawn care industry and eagerly look forward to meeting and even exceeding the expectations of our staff and customers.

We control is a science. Pre-Emergent applications are only one small piece in controlling weeds throughout the season. Remember, Pre-Emergent applications prevent most, not all, weeds from germinating. Starting early and sticking to a good weed control management plan is vital.

So, is it time for you to break out the ole sprayer, clean it out, purchase materials, calibrate the machine, read the label, and then finally implement your plan?

If you have questions, 4-EverGreen is happy to help in any way. Or, if you are sick and tired of fighting the war against your lawn’s weeds, we would be happy to get you all the information you need on how 4evergreen can help! Please call our office for a FREE consultation and/or Estimate! (731)-264-0088

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