Is Your Lawn Struggling With This Weed?

American Burnweed, or Fireweed, has become a very common annual summer weed that is widespread throughout West Tennessee.  This vigorous broadleaf weed is causing much concern for homeowners and professionals in the lawn care industry. This weed has a long, solid stem that, if left alone, can grow 3″-9″ tall. The leaves are broad but narrows as it moves towards the base of the plant. The seeds on American Burnweed are parachute like, which makes the weed easy to spread by wind.


The last few years we have seen more and more of American Burnweed. In Tennessee, American Burnweed up until a few years ago, was not a problem and typically stayed in more southern states like Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. Initially, we were very curious why this unknown weed was slipping through the cracks of our Pre-Emergent herbicides that were applied prior to germination. With more research done, it has led us to identifying the weed as American Burnweed. American Burnweed actually germinates in the thatch layer, not in the soil. The Pre-Emergent, if applied, often times gets below the thatch layer thus leaving your lawn unprotected against American Burnweed.

So what can we do about it?

The most cost efficient ways of getting rid of American Burnweed, especially after a Pre-Emergent has been applied, is to hand pull the weed(s). Since it germinates in the thatch layer, it is very easy to pull up. 5-10 minutes of removing this weed  by hand will go a long way getting your lawn weed free and giving you some good exercise as well.

Aerating your lawn helps to relieve compaction in the soil and also part of your thatch layer, which will help since American Burnweed germinates in the thatch layer.  Aerating also allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to get beneath the soils surface which allows the roots of your lawn to grow and expand leaving you with a healthier turf.

Frequent mowing (weekly) and warmer temperatures are also ways to keep American Burnweed less noticeable until your warm season grass really begins to thrive. (80 + degree days and 60+ degree nights)

4-Evergreen is a trusted, professional lawn care company that has the knowledge and experience to handle any or all of your lawn care needs. 4-Evergreen uses systemic herbicides to control weeds, such as American Burnweed, to keep your lawn beautiful and weed free all season.  For more information about 4-Evergreen or our service, please call our office for free advice or a free estimate regarding American Burnweeed or any other lawn care issues.


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