“I Love Mosquitoes” said no one EVER!

Mosquitoes and how they affect us all

By: Brooke Jennings


“I LOVE Mosquitoes” said NO ONE EVER!


One word everyone hates….mosquitoes. Summer just happens to be the best time for these annoying, and also very dangerous, creatures to come out. Mosquitoes enjoy being in wet areas, like ponds, lakes, etc. This is where they lay their eggs to hatch. But why are mosquitoes harmful? They carry MANY diseases that can actually be deadly to humans and also to animals. You may think that mosquitoes only bite humans and not animals, but the fact is that your pets and farm animals are at risk from the diseases spread by mosquitoes just as much as you are!

Mosquitoes are carriers of serious diseases that claim both human and animal lives every year in the United States. Mosquitoes can carry malaria, which can be deadly to humans, and heartworms, which can be deadly to animals.

The mosquito goes through four separate and distinct stages of its life cycle: Egg, Larva, Pupa, and Adult.

mosquito life cycle

Egg : Eggs are laid one at a time or attached together to form “rafts.” They float on the surface of the water. Most eggs hatch into larvae within 48 hours. Water is a necessary part of their habitat.

Larva: The larva lives in the water and comes to the surface to breathe. Larvae shed their skins four times, growing larger after each molt. During the fourth molt the larva changes into a pupa.

Pupa: The pupa stage is a resting, non-feeding stage of development, but pupae are mobile, responding to light changes. This is the time the mosquito changes into an adult. This process is similar to the metamorphosis seen in butterflies when the butterfly develops from a caterpillar into an adult butterfly. In Culex species in the southern United States this takes about two days in the summer. When development is complete, the adult mosquito emerges. Adult: The newly emerged adult rests on the surface of the water for a short time to allow itself to dry and all its body parts to harden. The wings have to spread out and dry properly before it can fly. Blood feeding and mating does not occur for a couple of days after the adults emerge. How long each stage lasts depends on both temperature and species characteristics.

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