How To Save your “Grass” Some Money With 4-EverGreen!

I Want To Save Your “Grass” Some Money!
If I offended anyone with my subject line, I apologize. I hope you see the humor. However, I guess my strategy worked since you are reading this blog. So, thanks for opening and  I’ll get right to the point.
I want to show you how I can save YOU some money on your service(s) with 4-Evergreen. It’s simple, especially this time of the year. Working together, we can keep prices lower.
Refer-A-Friend, Family Member, or Fellow Colleague to 4-EverGreen for their weed control and fertilization needs and we will be happy to take it from there. When we acquire their business through one of our three lawn care packages, we will give you $35.00 for each referral you send our way to show our appreciation. (for a limited time only) Sure, you can call someone you know or mention it when you see them. However…..
The easiest way to  keep your lawn care cost at a minimum (this is proven by the way) is to go to our Facebook Page, 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, and start to share our information. Add a comment to your share about 4-EverGreen’s Refer-A-Friend Program. It seems everyone is on Facebook and this is a great avenue to help spread the word. This approach works and we want to share this with you!
Any way you choose to help spread the word, will be appreciated and will soon be saving you money on your service.
A couple of clicks and you are in the game!  That’s right, they call or reach out to us, we do all the work, and you save all the money! Not bad right?
If anyone EVER has any questions or concerns about their service, we want to know! We try to keep our eyes checking on all properties, but the fact is you are our “best” eyes. It’s no bother, just good business to let us know.
I hope everyone has a great start to this Spring and let’s Refer-A-Friend now, while it’s hot, to save you BIG on your service needs!
Hope You Have A Great Week,
Scott D. Riley

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