How to Keep Weeds Out Of Your Flower Beds

beautiful-landscapingMany homeowners work very hard to keep weeds out of their lawn and landscape. A properly maintained lawn and landscape can add more than 20% in the property’s value per an article recently posted online by House Logic. (link to article at bottom)  Not only does it take away from the “WOW” factor but it is often a tremendous pain, physical and mental, that comes from trying to keep those unwanted weeds out of your lawn and flower bed space. If left alone the weeds will eventually invade your flower bed space or even compete with your established turf grass with the bad intentions of taking it over and choking it out completely.

In well maintained lawns, weeds have a difficult time establishing themselves since the grass is so thick and healthy. Not only does this not allow much room for other weeds (plants), but also will shade out the weed seeds by forming a canopy that doesn’t allow sunlight to penetrate and allow the weed seed to germinate.

In controlling weeds in your flower bed areas, there is much more to consider. There is not nearly as much competition as in an established lawn. Therefore, the prepping of the flowerbeds is critical to go alongside a good weed control strategy to keep weeds at a minimum.

Here are 4 MUST DO’S when preparing bed space for plants and flowers

  1. Turn over the soil. Light tilling is always a good idea to not only relieve compaction, but also allow penetration of roots from new plantings.
  2. Install a weed barrier. This is another great way to prevent weed invasion. There are many forms of barriers such as plastic or other types of fabric. Over time these products will begin to break down but initially will get you off to a good start in getting those areas better established.
  3. Create a separation. Establish your lawn from you landscape. Concrete or plastic borders to outline you bed space is extremely beneficial to keep your warm season grasses from creeping in and wanting to take over.
  4. Apply proper amount of mulch or stone. Mulch or stone adds to the final touch of a landscaped area. Not only does it make it look amazing, but also serves a purpose of weed control. 3″-4″ of mulch or stone will provide the adequate amount to help in keeping weeds in check. Remember, if you choose mulch, leave a 18″ trench off you foundation and at least use stone or some type of rock there to prevent an easy bridge for wood destroying organisms, such as termites from having easy access to your home.

After all the preparations, have been made, is there anything else you can do? The answer is yes, and that’s where we come in. Pre-Emergent applications prevent weed germination. Like lawns, the same is true for bed space. 4-EverGreen offers Pre/Post-Emergent applications to prevent and control weeds in flower beds too. As stated above, there is much more involved with our Bed Weed Control to make it all work. But when the customer has done their part, our Bed Weed Control is one of our customers favorite services.bed weed control

We understand that weeds in your flowerbeds are the arch nemesis of every homeowner. Let 4-EverGreen take that headache away from you. Our train technicians not only can keep your lawn weed free but also your beds.


For more information about our Pre-Emergent applications on your lawn or landscape please call our office at 731-264-0088 or visit our website at You can also request a “Quick Quote” from our website.

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