How To Keep Weeds Out Of My Flower Beds

Maintaining A Weed-Free Landscape 

 The Problem

 Many homeowners work very hard to maintain a green and weed free lawn through diligent care. Many of these same homeowners will take care of their flower beds as well. But what happens when weeds overtake flower beds? How does this happen and how do you keep those areas weed free as well


 The beautiful landscaped area of your lawn can often become an eyesore as weeds begin growing within the mulch and rocked in areas. 

Weeds in Lawns vs Beds

In well maintained lawns, weeds have a difficult time establishing themselves due to the fact that the grass is so tightly packed and allows for little growth between the plants. In flower beds, weeds can establish themselves rather easily due to the lack of competition for soil, water and sunshine-all needed for the weed to thrive. But problems can arise in a situation where weeds have established themselves in a flower bed next to a well maintained lawn. The weeds are able to grow strong and can send runners or seeds into the nearby weed free lawn. Even the most well tended to lawns will not be able to fight off this kind of attack from weeds. The best way to keep weeds out of your flower beds and your lawn, is to keep them from ever being able to germinate. Let’s face it, we all hate spending tireless hourless in painful positions, pulling up weed after weed, because this will only leave you frustrated and sore

The Solution

 4-EverGreen Lawn Care

Bed Weed Control Program

Weeds in your beds are the arch nemesis of every homeowner. The first step is for you, as a homeowner, to keep the mulch or stone/rock at least 3″ deep. This one thing will keep most of the weeds out of your beds. Secondly, we, at 4-EverGreen, take a two prong approach. We apply a Pre-Emerge to prevent weeds from germinating and also apply a Post-Emerge for weeds that are already up and active. Keep in mind that not one single Pre-Emerge will keep a few of those “hard to control” weeds from germinating therefore multiple Post-Emerge applications may be required for adequate control. This is definitely one of our customers favorite services. Save time. Save effort. And save aspirin by taking advantage of this awesome service. Click here to find out what an inexpensive and time saving service this: Request a Quote | 4EverGreen Lawn Care

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