The Art Of Mowing: Part 1


A Beautiful Lawn Doesn’t Happen By Itself


At 4-EverGreen, we preach the importance of mowing on a daily basis. We know firsthand the many mowing mistakes homeowners make across West Tennessee and parts of Missouri. Lawn Care is an awesome emotional experience that, if done properly, allows homeowners to fully enjoy a healthy, weed free lawn that makes them feel amazing. From walking across the thick, green, turf to just sitting back and looking in amazement, a properly maintained lawn is a gift that just keeps on giving. Whether you do your own lawn or hire a lawn care professional to provide weed control and fertilizer, the art of mowing plays a vital role in your lawn reaching its full potential.

The #1 most common mowing mistake made by homeowners and even lawn mowing services that we encounter is MOWING YOUR LAWN TOO LOW. A great rule of thumb is to NEVER cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade on each mowing. By mowing your lawn too low, you put your lawn under immediate danger.

Mowing the lawn removes clippings of the leaf blades and, this part of the plant is used for the production of food through photosynthesis. It also depletes the plants from essential nutrients that can be currently getting used by the plant. And don’t think it doesn’t affect the root system as well. Once mowed too short, the rest of the leaf blade, as well as the stems, begin to turn to the root system for nutrients. This can begin to starve the plant and can be detrimental.

In our recent summer heat, lawns are quickly drying out and mowing your lawn too short will make your lawn more susceptible to heat stress/injury. There are products now available that allows plants need up to 50% less watering to combat drought stress.

And finally, when mowing too short, it will definitely leave your lawn lacking that beautiful green color we all want. The greenest parts of the plant are the leaf tips. If you peel back the foliage, you will see the lighter colored areas are more towards the base of the plant.

Remember, it is not how often you mow your lawn; it is the height in which you mow that is more important. Not only will it expose other problem areas in your lawn that are thin or bare, but also open up more soil space which will lead to a weed invasion. I hope you see the importance of your mowing height and how it plays a major role is your lawns success.

I hope this blog has been helpful to you in that the fact you may be able to keep your lawn “4-EverGreen”.


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