Got Weeds? It’s Open Season!

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Got Weeds?

     Although it is still officially winter, you and weeds are always on our minds here at 4-Evergreen Lawn Service. We are locked and loaded ready to go hunting for your lawns’ weeds. A weed is defined as a plant that is unwanted and not intentionally sown. Man has entitled these plants as weeds, a nuisance, but nature does not see it that way. Through the process of ridding our yards and flower beds of weeds, some are controlled. Other types of weeds may not be so easily controlled. They become stronger and multiply in vast amounts over very little time.  Most plants that are referred to as weeds are the ones that easily reproduce in large quantities. They begin showing up in patches throughout your yard, and will quickly take over if left untreated. These weeds are stealing the much needed nourishment from your desired turf right before your very eyes!






Why Does My Lawn Have Weeds?

The first question most homeowner’s ask is, “How do I get rid of them?” or, “Why do they keep coming back?” These questions are understandable, but the real question is simply, “WHY do I have weeds in my lawn?” Basically, if the necessary space is available and growing conditions are desirable, weeds will make their presence known.




Wild Onions


Before you know it, common yard weeds such as dandelions, clover and crabgrass will be rising up in patches throughout your lawn and flower beds. There are several options to consider when faced with weed removal. Some of you will choose to purchase a herbicide to spray, but will be discouraged by bare patches that leave your lawn appearing speckled and unappealing. If your lawn is not thriving and is lacking key nourishment, most often weeds will be the first to return verses lush,green grass in place of the bare patches. This can leave you frustrated, but worst of all, money and time wasted is never a good feeling. It is worth mentioning that store bought herbicide treatments could also be dangerous for you or your pet when not applied or disposed of properly.

Pre-Emergent Lawn Services

One of our most important applications and a customer favorite this time of year is our spring Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent application. A Pre-Emergent is applied as an entire cover spray that will prevent weed seeds from germinating.



Ever heard of crabgrass? Yea, I thought so. NOW is the time to control crabgrass with a Pre-Emergent before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. The Post-Emergent treatment is applied for weeds that are already up, active and competing with your lawn to thrive.

Applying Pre-Emergent treatments is one of the most common and popular methods used to prevent weed growth among homeowners. Additionally, keeping your lawn mowed at a good height, at least 3-4 inches, will help eliminate some weed seed growth by blocking sunlight needed to flourish. The best overall weed defense for your lawn on its’ own is a good thick stand of grass.

Weighing Your Options

A Pre-Emergent should be applied prior to germination, or late winter/early spring. Timing for Pre-Emergent herbicides is vital. Now you may know why weeds have been consuming our minds here at 4-Evergreen! It is time for you to decide which treatment option fits best for your lawn, before those pesky weeds arrive.  Our team is prepared for the task ahead and will rid your yard of these competitive weeds before they try to take over. We have many options to choose from for all lawns and all budgets. If you choose to treat your lawn yourself, please be read all labels prior to use to be informed on all the instructions for mixing and disposing of your chemicals, as well as the dangers that are imminent without proper handling.

Your lawn is a living organism that requires food and water to survive. Obviously, the more time, energy and resources you invest in your lawn the greater the return on your investment. When you are looking into your lawn care options, don’t forget that 4-Evergreen will give you a free estimate on pricing if considering our treatment plans! We realize lawn care goals vary, therefore we pride ourselves in customizing a treatment strategy to best fit your specific needs.

The 4-Evergreen Guarantee

The weeds are coming for your lawn and they will take over and become hard to control. Will you be prepared, or will your weeds surprise attack your lawn this spring?  4-Evergreen wants to go hunting for your weeds! Our technicians are ready and our trucks are loaded.

When the 4-Evergreen truck arrives at your location, your grass will cheer and your weeds will shake in fear!

Keeping your lawn weed free is both a science and an art. Each yard is unique and may require different, and multiple, application techniques to achieve the results we all want. We ask our customers to allow 10-14 days after each treatment to see incremental improvement. If it’s not what we said you’d see, or if you’re just not as happy as you can be, we’ll come back and re-evaluate or retreat if necessary. Whatever it takes.

For more information on quotes or services offered by 4-Evergreen Lawn Service, please visit our website at or call our office (731) 264-0088.

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