Germantown, TN Weed Control

Weeds can make even a nice, green expanse of lawn look run down and uncared for. You don’t need to settle for a weed-strewn lawn when you have 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, your Germantown, TN weed control experts on hand. We can take care of those existing weeds, as well as kill off any that haven’t yet emerged. We know how to deal with them, so why try it yourself?

Were you aware that weed control sprays are commonly referred to as herbicides? There are several different types of them available, but the most effective ones are only available to professionals. This is why you need to call in a Germantown, TN week control specialist in order to take care of yours.

We Offer Several Different Germantown, TN Weed Control Options
Yes, we’re your weed control experts, thanks to the many different services that we offer. We might use only one of them at a time, or combine them as needed. It all depends on the types of weeds that are invading your lawn. We can make your lawn look nearly perfect, thanks to our many years of lawn care expertise.

Before The Weeds Emerge From the Ground
We’ll start with a treatment that takes care of any weeds that you can’t yet see. This is called a pre-emergent treatment. We’ll spray it on your lawn in order to kill off crabgrass seeds, dandelion seeds, and just about anything else that may be lurking, waiting to invade. This Germantown, TN weed control option won’t harm your lawn, as the herbicide only works on the weeds.

Dealing With Already Visible Weeds
A post-emergent treatment is designed to take out weeds that are visible above the surface. The type of weed control spray that we use depends on the ones that are growing out of your lawn. Dealing with some of them might require a different spray than others. Either way, we are capable of killing those weeds, while leaving your lawn in great shape. Our targeted herbicides only work on the invasive species.

Sometime Weeds Need To Be Removed By Hand
There are some weeds that weed control treatments do not affect. When those are in place, it’s time to call in your Germantown, TN weed control experts. We know how to deal with them properly. If these weeds aren’t removed correctly and completely, their roots will still be under the soil. This means that they’ll grow back every chance they get. 4-EverGreen Lawn Care can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Weed Control Methods That Work
In some cases, we can take care of weeds without using pre or post-emergent weed control methods. We may not even need to go in by hand and physically remove them. On top of this, we can also give you tips to prevent future weeds from growing.

We Have Years of Experience
4-EverGreen Lawn Care has been in business since 2001. This means that we’ve been handling Germantown, TN weed control for over 17 years. All of that experience adds up. Call us today to see how we can help your lawn. Our phone number is (731) 264-0088.