Germantown, TN Lawn Spraying

Have you ever looked at your lawn and just sighed out of frustration? It might be too brown, too full of weeds, or contain patchy areas where the soil shows through. There are a number of ways in which 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, your Germantown, TN lawn spraying company, can solve your lawn-related problems.

Lawn spraying one of the ways in which professionals, like your Germantown, TN lawn spraying experts, apply solutions to your grass in order to make it better. Some of these solutions kill off weeds, while others fertilize your grass or improve your soil conditions.

In 2010, the National Gardening Association conducted a survey of homeowners. They found that combined, homeowners in the United States spend around 30 million dollars per year on their lawns. Surely that’s gone up in recent years. What does that mean? It means that you aren’t the only person seeking professional help with your lawn.

Our Germantown, TN Lawn Spraying Options
When it comes to lawn spraying, we offer a number of options. Depending on your specific needs, we can tackle your weed problems or make your grass both stronger and better. After all, we’re your lawn care experts!

Fertilizer Can Make Your Grass Stronger
Any gardener can tell you that fertilizer always makes plants grow better. They’ll end up with juicier tomatoes, larger cucumbers, and even impressive crops of bell peppers. Grass works the same way. An application of fertilizer – applied in a spray format – will give your lawn a number of important nutrients. It will grow in greener and stronger.

Let’s Talk About Weed Control
Weeds can make even the prettiest lawn look bad. On top of that, they’ll eventually take over and begin to choke out the grass. Thankfully, we have two different weed control options. Pre-emergent weed control sprays kill the invasive pests that you can’t see, while post-emergent ones take out the weeds that are visible. It may take several applications of both before you see results, but in the end, those weeds won’t grow back.

Changing the Chemical Balance of Your Soil
Soil that’s too acidic can damage your grass. The best solution to this problem is a spray application of lime. Lime is known to take that acidity and turn it into something that’s more alkaline, thus helping your grass grow better. Before we do this, however, we run tests on your soil to see if that’s the problem.

Adding an Application of Pot Ash
Another option is pot ash. This is a type of fertilizer that affects the roots of your grass. It strengthens them quite a bit. As you already know, a strong root system is an important factor in all plant growth. Your lawn will thank you!

Do you think that one of our Germantown, TN Lawn Spraying Options Can Help You?

If so, call 4-EverGreen Lawn Care today. You can reach us at (731) 264-0088. We call ourselves the Germantown, TN lawn spraying experts for a reason. We’ve been in business for almost 17 years and have a number of happy clients.