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A healthy lawn can add to the overall appeal of your home. There’s no sense in keeping your flower beds looking nice when your lawn is scraggly and full of weeds. Thankfully, there’s a solution to a sad-looking lawn – 4EverGreen Lawn Care. We’re your Germantown, TN lawn care experts.

Were you aware the average homeowner spends around four hours a week making their lawn look nice? That adds up quickly. It’s 208 hours a year, the equivalent of 8.67 days. Thankfully, a good Germantown, TN lawn service company can make the job a little easier, saving you time.

We Offer Three Levels of Germantown, TN Lawn Care Services
Our Germantown, TN lawn service expertise is available to you throughout the year. However, we have three different service levels to pick from that range from spring to early winter. They are:

A Basic Level Consisting of Weed Control and Fertilizer
The first of our Germantown, TN lawn service plans starts in early spring and ends in early fall. This starts out with weed control spray. We’ll take care of any pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds with dual applications designed for those very purposes. Next, in early summer, we’ll add more weed killer, as well as some fertilizer. Between the two, your lawn will be healthier and free of annoying things like dandelions and crabgrass. We’ll do the same thing in mid-summer. Finally, we’ll extend our Germantown, TN lawn care services to early fall with even more weed control efforts.

All About Our Deluxe Germantown, TN Lawn Service
If you want to take your Germantown, TN lawn care to the next level, then consider choosing our deluxe option. This includes the same services as you’ll find in the basic package, with the addition of a few more. We’ll start out with the same springtime weed control efforts, then extend to similar early summer and midsummer fertilizing options. Our summer care also includes weed control, much like the basic service, but with one addition – a thorough lawn inspection. However, things begin to differ in the autumn. During that season we’ll continue with the applications of weed control spray while adding some lime, if we deem your soil to be too acidic.

Go With the Premium Service Option
Finally, our premium, Germantown, TN lawn service option contains everything that you need to make your lawn look practically perfect. As with the other two levels, we start with weed control (both pre and post-emergent applications) in the early spring, with the addition of another round before summer arrives. Our Germantown, TN lawn care experts will fertilize your lawn three times during the summer months, and we’ll inspect your lawn during one of them as well. Again, we’ll check your soil’s acidity and add lime if necessary. This level of service also includes an early winter application of pot ash.

Get ready to have the lawn that you always dreamed of!

4-EverGreen Lawn Care can make your expanse of lawn look great. Between our weed control and fertilizing efforts, you’ll also spend less time caring for your grass. Doesn’t everyone want more time? Call us, your Germantown, TN lawn service experts, today. You can reach us at (731) 264-0088.