First Day Of Spring Is Freezing Cold…So What Does That Mean?


The First Day Of Spring Brought Snow….Really?

In some parts of the country, our 2015/2016 winter has been the mildest ever on record. Compared to the winter of last year, we are 6 weeks of warmer weather ahead of schedule.

We should all understand that our weather in March and April are often times unpredictable and temperature can drastically change from one week to the next.

Even though our warm spring-like temperatures may be getting us all excited now about taking on our new lawn and landscaping goals, we may need to slow down a bit to avoid possible disappointment in the end.

Flowers have begun to bloom and trees are budding. The growing season is here, right? Well, maybe not. Being it is only the middle part of March, cold temperatures are still not out of the realm of possibilities.

If we drop to cold temperatures for an extended period of time, flowers could be toast and budding trees could be severely set back. You might want to wait a few more weeks before major renovations are planned in the lawn, garden, or landscape.

However, if temperatures continue to remain constant or increase, it is inevitable of a pest infestation. The weather channel recently showed a special this past weekend where if temperatures remain mild and continue to warm, there is a great possibility of infestations of termites, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes this spring and summer.  This is also a growing concern as we have recently been introduced to the Zika Virus. However, highly trained professionals in the pest control industry should be able to meet that very challenge. Prevention is key. Having a pest control plan in place now is worth the time and investment of what may lie ahead and eventually “bug” us all.

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