Fall Lawn Care

As we begin to cool down from our hot summer weather, we are starting to reflect what a challenge our 2014 season of lawn care has been in West Tennessee. From the bitter cold winter, to the wet spring and summer, to even a rare infestation of Armyworms in late August, it has forced us to become better professionals in the lawn care industry in West Tennessee. So, as Fall weather approaches, we are preparing our lawns for the cold weather ahead, prevention of weed germination, and control of active weeds that are thriving. Fall fertilization is often time forgotten about during this time of the season but is actually a great time to continue to work on turf density and overall health. Warm season lawns need less nitrogen, which would encourage top growth, and more of a balanced blend to provide the extra nutrients the lawn needs as it prepares for dormancy. A blend higher in potassium will continue to provide good root strength and overall health. This is a great proactive approach to minimizing, not eliminating, attacks from winterkill. Weeds are most easily controlled before they germinate. Weeds that are already active are competing for soil space with the very lawn we work so hard to keep beautiful and thick. Keeping those weeds out of your lawn will actually allow your turf to thicken up and will help to keep your lawn weed free. The number one defense to a weed free lawn is a thick lawn. Below are a couple of strategies to help keep your lawns’ weeds in check. Pre-emergent weed control in lawns are of most importance this time of year for our warm season grasses, such as bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. As our winter weeds are beginning to present themselves, a pre-emergent should be applied before germination to prevent most of those unwanted weeds from ever coming up. *As precaution, make sure no seeding has been done in any areas where the pre-emergent has or will be applied. Post-emergent weed control is also very important. It is designed to control weeds that are already active in the lawn. Weed identification is critical in selecting the right herbicide for its control. Often times, a pre-emergent and a post-emergent will be combined in the same tank to not only keep weeds from germinating, but also control weeds that are up and active at the time of application.

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