Common Mistakes With Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care


Common Mistakes With Do-it-Yourself Lawn Care


We understand the importance of finances and budgets. We also realize you work hard for your money, and you deserve to use it only on things you must have in your everyday life. However, it may not always be worth saving a few bucks just to possibly waste more of your time and money. Let me explain in greater detail. Through our day to day interactions with people, we have found that most people do not understand all the work that goes into making a lawn beautiful, weed free, and easier to maintain. Below, we briefly discuss what actual people have told us who decided they were going to take on their own lawn (weed control, fertilization, and pest issues) and most importantly, things that they should have considered.


Do-It-Yourself Homeowners usually underestimate these 5 things when taking on their own lawn care.

  1. Knowledge: Being able to read, interpret, and implement the instructions on a product label must be almost perfect in order for the application to be effective.The label is the LAW.
  2. Experience: You must be able to identify pest or weeds in order to implement the right strategy for successful control.
  3. Timing: Knowing“when” to apply “what” is vital not only to get you results, but also to prevent mistakes that could be detrimental to your turf. Pre-Emergent applications should be applied before soil temperatures reach a certain degree.
  4. Cost and time of application: The cost for products alone (chemicals and fertilizer) from a vendor is usually sold in such quantities that you may be forced to purchase way more product than you need.Also, products are not cheap. Do the math before you decide this is a challenge worth taking.
  5. Equipment: Just a back pack sprayer or 10 gallon tank you pull behind your lawn mower is often times not up to the task of most lawns. After purchase, ensuring your equipment is “spot on” and calibrated can and will make the difference with the results and pocketbook.



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