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Did you know that your lawn is made up of grass that consists of 80% water? And that 90% of the weight of your grass is in its roots? We do. That’s why we’re your Collierville, TN lawn service experts.

Here at 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, we know many different facts about grass, including how to keep it healthy. Thanks to our multiple service packages and many additional options, your lawn will be something that you’re proud of. No matter its current state, we can help. That’s why we call ourselves the Collierville, TN lawn care specialists.
Are you ready to find out more about what we can do to make your lawn look green and healthy? Let’s start with our main lawn care packages.

All About Our Collierville, TN Lawn Service
We give our clients three main Collierville, TN lawn care packages to choose. They are:

Start At the Beginning, With Our Basic Service
Don’t mistake our basic level of service as something to be overlooked in favor of the other packages. This one can make your lawn look incredibly healthy and free of weeds. It starts out in early spring with an application of a pre-emergent weed control spray, followed by a post-emergent one. This takes care of weeds that are both lurking under the surface, as well as those that are visible. Next, this Collierville, TN lawn service specialist will come out several times in the summer to apply fertilizer and more weed control spray. Finally, in the early fall, your lawn will get two more doses of our specially designed weed control agent. This gets your lawn ready for the winter.

The Second Option – Our Collierville, TN Lawn Care Deluxe Service
Our deluxe service consists of the same treatments as the basic plan, although there are a few differences. The spring applications are the same. We’ll treat your lawn with both types of weed control agents. In the summer, you’ll receive two rounds of fertilizer, as well as additional weed control treatments. However, at some point in the summer, we’ll do a full inspection, checking your lawn for things that can harm it – namely insects and disease. In the fall, this Collierville, TN lawn service will come out and apply more fertilizer and weed control. However, we’ll also check the acidity of your soil to see if it needs an application of lime. If it does, we’ll take care of it. This is also part of the package.

Then There’s Our Premium Collierville, TN Lawn Service
We offer a premium option that truly proves that we’re your Collierville, TN lawn care experts. It includes everything from the basic and deluxe levels – the weed control applications, the fertilizing, the inspection, and the lime application. It also adds an extra round of fertilizer (falling at mid-autumn) as well as an application of pot ash. This will take place in the early winter. Pot ash is great for the roots of your grass.

Don’t be ashamed of your lawn any longer!
Instead, call 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, your Collierville, TN lawn care experts. Our many years of experience have proven that. Call us today to see what we can do for you. You can reach us at (731) 264-0088.