Choosing a Lawn Care Provider


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Choosing a Lawn Care Provider

When it comes to choosing a lawn care provider for your home or business, we all want to make the right decision. But when we start to do our homework on pricing, we find that there is a major price difference amongst the lawn companies.

So, how do you know who to get to spray your lawn? Understand that not ALL lawn care companies are alike.

In this article, we have laid out the 5 Factors that homeowners should know when choosing a lawn care provider.

  1. Make sure the company is LEGAL. If you are considering hiring out your lawn care needs, look for a charter number. There are many companies that operate under no regulations, which can result in disaster. A legitimate company must comply with many laws and regulations in order to be able to charge for their services. In order to become chartered, each office or service location is required to have a license holder, be bonded and insured as specified by the laws and regulations of your state. To become eligible to be a license holder, you must have a college degree or have over 2 years’ experience in the industry to ensure that you are knowledgeable and experienced. In addition, each individual that operates under the charter is required to be certified to solicit or apply pesticides. All certified persons have to have 18 hours of continuing education to be able to renew their certification after each three-year period.
  2. Make certain your lawn care company is able to give you RESULTS. Results are what you are actually paying for, remember? You want a beautiful, weed free lawn that makes you feel good and is easier to maintain while adding value to your property.
  3. Be sure that your company of choice is RELIABLE. Can they actually implement the strategy they put in place? Timing in the weed control and fertilizer industry is critical and if you get off schedule, all of the hard work previously put into your yard can quickly go to waste. You also want your company to be easily accessible if questions or concerns arise.
  4. What is your company’s STRATEGY? A simple, inexpensive way to ensure that you have the right approach is through a detailed soil analysis. This will provide your lawn care professionals with all of the necessary information to design and implement the right lawn care program for your specific lawn. Does your lawn care provider have this approach or do they just treat your lawn like every other lawn?
  5. Does your company FOLLOW UP? How are you handled by your provider after the contract is signed and the service is set up? Our job as customer service professionals is to reach out periodically to ensure the service is going well. An account manager works hand in hand with the technician to make sure your lawn is not only on track, but also that you, the customer, are happy with the service we provide.

After all of this, WHY should you choose 4-EverGreen?

4-EverGreen was built on integrity. We have always strives to do the right thing. We have almost 20 years’ experience in the turf industry. We are under the regulation of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. 4-EverGreen is licensed, bonded, and insured. We are constantly looking for ways to add more value to the services we provide for our customers. We use SCIENCE, not mere luck, to provide the exact strategy for your specific lawn to reach its potential through a simple soil analysis that we encourage to each of our accounts. We service almost 2000 properties in the surrounding areas. We are large enough to serve yet ALWAYS small enough to care. We are dedicated to giving back. We support our community (ball teams, scholarships, and other community projects and events). We have recently made donations to St. Jude, Breast Cancer Awareness, and others to show our support and true commitment to caring. AND we give back to our customers through our Loyalty Rewards Program.

When it comes down to that final decision, should you think twice? Is it all about the cheapest price or is it more about the value of the service? There are many things to consider when making this choice. Applying pesticides is no joke. Just think, it’s you, your family, and property at stake. It requires an experienced professional who knows exactly what they are doing and puts their service ahead of all else. This is why no one else but 4-EverGreen should be treating your lawn.

If you would like to get more information on 4-EverGreen, visit our website at or call our office (731)264-0088


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