3 Most Common Overlooked Tasks For Homeowners

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Rock Salt & Your Lawn

  What is rock salt and how can it negatively affect you lawn? Rock Salt, also known as Halite when used industrially, is the mineral form of sodium chloride, or table salt. It can be purchased in grocery… Read More

5 Benefits of Lawn Care Services

Professional Lawn Care VS. D-I-Y Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I hire a professional lawn care company to service and protect my lawn?” This is a hot topic with many homeowners. Most are concerned with pricing, chemical… Read More

It’s Open Season for Weeds!

What is a Weed?      Although it is still winter, weeds are on our minds here at 4-Evergreen Lawn Service, we are getting locked and loaded to go hunting for your weeds. A weed is defined as a… Read More

How to protect your lawn from winter stress or winter kill

As we reflect on the winter of 2013-2014, we learned so much about how these cold temperatures can devastate our warm season grasses. Cooler weather is already quickly approaching and we have already seen heavy frost across much… Read More

Frost on warm season grasses

A common question we typically get this time of the year is, why does my lawn have all of these squiggly lines and discolored patches in it? This usually is caused by frost damage on Bermuda grass, Zoysia… Read More

Hunting Billbug

As homeowners and commercial turf managers continue to improve on turf quality, there is a fairly new pest that can deliver major set backs in lawns if not inspected for. Those that specialize in turf management know that The Hunting… Read More

When shoud I spray my lawn?

This could be the most asked question of all time for homeowners or “do-it-yourselfer’s” in the lawn care world. Why? It is not only about when to treat your lawn but what to treat it with. West Tennessee… Read More

Fall Lawn Care

As we begin to cool down from our hot summer weather, we are starting to reflect what a challenge our 2014 season of lawn care has been in West Tennessee. From the bitter cold winter, to the wet… Read More

Army Worms

There has been a severe outbreak of Fall Armyworms all across West Tennessee lately and here are some interesting facts about this unwanted pest.