Why Rock Salt (to Melt Ice) Will KILL Your Lawn

What is rock salt and how can it negatively affect you lawn? Rock Salt, also known as Halite when used industrially, is the mineral form of sodium chloride, or table salt. It can be purchased in grocery and… Read More

How to Keep Weeds Out Of Your Flower Beds

Many homeowners work very hard to keep weeds out of their lawn and landscape. A properly maintained lawn and landscape can add more than 20% in the property’s value per an article recently posted online by House Logic…. Read More

Are You Seeing Weeds-This Could Be Why

Weeds are now active across West TN and parts of Southeast MO. So why would lawns that get treated have weeds already coming up even after they had a Fall Pre-Emergent applied? That’s a great question. The answer… Read More

4-EverGreen-16 Year Journey

  Thanks to all who recently congratulated 4-EverGreen and I on our anniversary of 16 years. I also thank my staff and customers for believing in me and the company to provide a genuine service in hopes to… Read More

Get Your Lawn Down To A Science-Analyze Your Soil

“There is only good seed where there is good soil”                                                        … Read More

It’s Open Season For Weeds!

It’s Open Season for Weeds!         Just when you thought the lawn weeds were gone forever, outcomes a new batch of henbit, clover, dandelions, wild onions, and chickweed. Will this ever end? Well, the answer… Read More

Lawn Pests Are The Reason For Turf Decline

As homeowners and commercial turf managers continue to improve on turf quality, there is a fairly new pest that can deliver major set backs in lawns if not inspected for. Those that specialize in turf management know that The Hunting… Read More

The Importance Of Water On Lawns This Time Of The Year

In the midst of Hurricane Matthew, we find ourselves in somewhat of a drought here in West Tennessee and parts of Missouri. These dry conditions over an extended period of time can affect your lawn in more ways… Read More

What You Need To Know About Maintaining Your Lawn In Extreme Heat

At 4-Evergreen, we are currently finishing up our summer treatments of fertilizing and spraying and hope all is well with you and your lawn. The high temperatures of the summer of 2016 had been relentless over the past… Read More

You Have Invested Too Much & We Have Worked Too Hard

FALL ARMYWORMS We have worked too hard and you have invested too much! What exactly is an armyworm? It’s not this cool, cute little worm with combat boots and camo that comes to your mind at first. In… Read More