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Arlington, TN Lawn Care

A green lawn is everyone’s goal. Thanks to 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, your Arlington, TN lawn spraying experts, yours can look just like the ones you see on TV. A nice lawn shows your neighbors that you care about the exterior of your house.


Killing off weeds like crabgrass, which, believe it or not, started out as a forage crop here in the United States, is just one reason to spray your lawn. Others include making the grass healthier by improving its chemical balance, strengthening its roots, or just making it better overall.

We Offer Several Arlington, TN Lawn Spraying Services
In order to make your lawn look greener, healthier, and even weed-free, we have four different Arlington, TV lawn spraying services to choose from. Each has a specific purpose, and you can pick the one(s) that your lawn needs.

Spray Applications of Fertilizer

Although there are several different methods of applying fertilizer, we prefer to spray it onto your lawn. This allows us to completely control how much is added to your lawn and exactly where it goes. You won’t have to worry about sweeping granules of fertilizer up off of your sidewalk when we’re done. Plus, your lawn will become healthier overall, thanks to growth-enhancing fertilizer.

Weed Control Spraying
We offer two different types of weed control applications. Pre-emergent weed killer takes care of the ones that are still under the soil. It will wipe out seeds and the very beginnings of these invasive plants. A post-emergent weed killer will destroy any of the ones that have already come out from the soil. It takes care of their roots, as well, so they won’t come back.

Application of Lime
Applications of lime are designed to improve the chemical balance of your lawn. Soil that’s too alkaline or acidic will prevent your lawn from looking its best. Lime is applied after going a chemical test on your soil. If we deem it too acidic, then we’ll spray on an application of the substance. Although it can be added any time of the year, from early spring through late fall, we prefer to apply it in the autumn. It’s an important part of getting your lawn ready for the winter months.

Pot Ash Help Your Lawn’s Root Systems
Although many people haven’t heard of it, pot ash is actually a great fertilizer. It helps keep your lawn’s roots healthy. Without well-tended, to root systems, your grass may begin to wither and die. While pot ash won’t prevent weeds (which is why this method is best combined with others), a pre-winter application will actually help your lawn stay in great shape in cool winter weather.

Are you interested in one of our Arlington, TN lawn spraying services?
If you’re ready to see how an application of fertilizer or weed killer can improve the overall look of your lawn, then call 4-EverGreen Lawn Care today. We have over 15 years of reliable service under our belts and look forward to helping you improve your lawn. After all, we’re your Arlington, TN lawn spraying experts. Call us today at (731) 264-0088.