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Your lawn should be the crown jewel of your property. A well-kept lawn – one that’s nice, green, and free of pesky weeds – can make any property look nicer. If this is your goal, then you need to hire 4-EverGreen Lawn Care, a great Arlington, TN lawn service.

Not only does a healthy lawn make your entire yard look nice, but it has environmental benefits as well. This Arlington, TN lawn care company knows many facts about grass. For example, a lawn that measures around 650 square feet can produce the exact amount of oxygen that a full grown adult needs each day. Now imagine what that would be like for a larger patch of grass!

Details on Our Arlington, TN Lawn Care Services
We offer three different service levels, all depending on the type of care that you desire, as well as your budget. These levels are:

Basic Level Arlington, TN Lawn Service
Our basic level of service starts out in the spring with two applications of weed control spray. The pre-emergent application will take care of any weeds that have yet to emerge from the ground, while the post-emergent kills off any that have already shown themselves. Between the two, your lawn will be off to a great start. A little bit later in the year (early and mid-summer) this Arlington, TN lawn care company will comes out and apply fertilizer and then continue with our weed control efforts. Finally, early fall means more weed control. The pre and post-emergent that we add then will get your lawn ready for winter.

Our Deluxe Service Option
The deluxe service option offered by us, your Arlington, TN lawn service experts, consists of many of the same things as the basic level. You’ll receive the spring weed control applications (both pre and post-emergent), as well as the early and midsummer fertilizing and weed control efforts. However, what’s different is an additional fertilizer application, as well as a thorough lawn inspection. During that, this Arlington, TN lawn care service looks for signs of disease and insect invasions. Finally, in fall, we’ll provide more weed control services, as well as an application of lime, which will help your soil.

What Our Premium Arlington, TN Lawn Service Entails
Our premium Arlington, TN lawn service has some similarities to the other two. The same early spring applications are included, although we add in an extra round in the mid-spring. This will ensure that your lawn remains weed free heading into summer. The summer treatments are also very similar. We’ll add fertilizer and targeted weed control treatments in both early and mid-summer, as well one extra round of fertilizer before autumn. That last round includes the same inspection as the deluxe option. What’s different? Well, after the autumn pre-emergent and lime applications, we’ll add some pot ash fertilizer in early winter. This will help your lawn’s root system.
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Your yard can look just like the ones in the movies. All that you need to do is contact 4-EverGreen Lawn Care. We pride ourselves on being your Arlington, TN lawn care experts. There’s a reason why we’ve been in business for over 15 years! We can be reached at (731) 264-0088.