How To Up Your Lawn’s Moisture Levels With This One Treatment

Under normal conditions, the moisture levels in our lawns fluctuate. That’s due to changes in precipitation, our watering schedules, and how much sunlight shines on a day-to-day basis. All that fluctuation creates instability and an unpredictable cycle of wet and dry conditions. This leaves grass vulnerable to stress, diseases, and pests. You can break this vicious cycle with 4-EverGreen’s Moisture Manager lawn treatment. Through innovative technology, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including a healthier and greener lawn.

How To Manage Your Lawn’s Moisture Levels Through Hygroscopic Humectants

What Are Hygroscopic Humectants

Believe it or not, you come in contact with these helpful compounds all the time. In addition to agricultural and landscaping usage, hygroscopic humectants keep food in our stores from drying out. They’re also found in many cosmetics to keep them from drying out skin. So what exactly are hygroscopic humectants, and how do they work their magic? These fascinating compounds actually pull water vapor out of the surrounding environment and condense it back into liquid form – pretty neat! By applying these substances to our lawns and gardens, we can eliminate the cycle of dry and wet. Instead, our lawns will always have access to moisture because the humectants make certain of it. They do such an amazing job at this, and they can reduce water usage by as much as 50%!

Benefits of Moisture Manager

Control or Eliminate Dry Spots

Humectants ensure there is an even moisture level throughout the entire yard. This is invaluable, especially during periods of drought or for yards that don’t have irrigation systems. Using garden hoses to water can sometimes lead to missed areas or areas that receive too much moisture. But the humectant eliminates this problem.

Better Seed Germination

Fresh grass seed needs plenty of water to germinate. If you apply Moisture Manager at the same time as your seeding treatment, you should expect to see faster germination and healthier grass.

Greater Use Of Nutrients

Many fertilizers need to be watered into lawns to ensure they’re evenly distributed and prevent burning turf grass. Humectants help with this distribution, which means all of your grass will reap the benefits of fertilization.

Give New Plants A Helping Hand

Moisture Manager isn’t just for the lawn! We can apply this product around your trees, shrubs, and flowers as well. Transplanting new floral friends is exciting, but it comes with some risks. There’s never a guarantee your new plant will take to the soil, and you have to make sure to water often until it’s established. Moisture Manager helps keep moisture levels steady – giving your new plants the best chance of not just surviving but thriving.

Save Time And Moneywatering young trees

Since you won’t have to water as often or as much, you’ll no longer have to stand in the yard with the hose – giving you your valuable time back to do things you enjoy. You’ll also save on your water bill since you won’t need as much water to get the job done. Spending time in the yard is enjoyable, but spending time caring for the yard, not as much.

Alleviate Drought Stress

When grass is chronically dried out from drought – either through lack of rainfall or when we forget to water – it stresses the grass. When grass is stressed, it will go dormant and halt the growth cycle, leading to yellow and brown coloring and dead or dried out patches. And just like humans can’t fight off infections as well when stressed, neither can your lawn. Mold, mildew, fungi, and pests are happy to take advantage of your grass’s weakened state. Moisture Manager keeps drought stress a thing of the past, leading to more resilient grass that isn’t as susceptible to infestations.

Greener Green

When grass has regular, reliable access to water, you’ll notice a significant change in its coloring. In fact, by adding Moisture Manager to your lawn maintenance regimen, you just might wind up with the greenest lawn on the block.

Improve Your Lawn With 4-EverGreen Lawn Care’s Moisture Manager

Get rid of those pesky dry patches and save time and money watering your lawn! 4-EverGreen Lawn Care provides a variety of lawn treatments, including Moisture Manager, a hygroscopic humectant designed to keep your grass moisturized. As a lawn care company servicing Jackson and the surrounding area, we are well-versed with the needs of Tennessee’s lawns. Let’s quench your lawn’s thirst together! Request a quote online or give one of our local offices a call:

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