Why Potash Fertilizer Is Just Want Your Lawn Needs Right Now

It’s nearly winter, which means your grass has stopped growing and will instead focus its efforts on maintaining a healthy, strong root system to make it through winter. That’s why it’s important to deliver the right kind of nutrients during your late fall/early winter lawn maintenance routine. Potash, another name for potassium, is the key ingredient you should use at this time. Here’s why.

Why Potash Fertilizer Is Ideal In Late FallNPK soil

Potassium is one of the three macronutrients (along with nitrogen and phosphorous) that help plants grow and perform important life functions, like producing chlorophyll and photosynthesis. Unfortunately, potassium is quite soluble, which means it can easily wash away during periods of heavy rain or overwatering. When this happens, grass can develop potassium deficiency, making it difficult to withstand stressors like drought, disease, or cold. So by delivering a high dose of this nutrient just before the cold season, you can toughen up your grass and decrease the occurrence of things like snow, mold, and winter burn.

How To Tell If Your Lawn Lacks Potassium

The absolute best way to tell if your lawn lacks potassium is with a soil test. This will produce a detailed report that will also inform you about the other macro and micronutrients your turfgrass could be missing, as well as any contaminants in your soil. However, you can also tell your plants lack potassium if they are particularly yellow, brown, and wilted. It should also be noted that because potassium is so soluble, the levels in your lawn are constantly changing.

Benefits Of Using Potassium-rich Fertilizer

Keep Diseases Away

Potassium for plants is like vitamin C for us humans – it’s an immune booster. When grass has an ample supply of potassium, it’s less likely to contract diseases. That’s because potassium keeps cell walls, stems, stalks, and roots thick, strong, and better able to withstand environmental stressors. And if there are any underlying pest or disease issues in your lawn currently, adding potassium can help minimize their impact on your lawn’s health.

Grow The Root System

As we talked about above, your grass focuses all its time, energy, and resources on expanding its root system. Potassium helps with this vital function. If you installed a new lawn this year – either through sod or seeding – it’s even more important to keep potassium levels high. Your new lawn needs to grow its roots as much as possible to help it establish before winter comes.grass roots in soil

Ramp Up The Metabolism

Potassium keeps your turfgrass’ metabolism high and helps it retain moisture, maintain an internal balance, and encourages protein synthesis.

How To Find Potassium-rich Fertilizer

When purchasing fertilizer from the store, you’ll notice three numbers written as follows: 21-3-20. The first number is the amount of nitrogen, and the second, the amount of phosphorous. Lastly, the amount of potassium. So in this example, the fertilizer has more nitrogen and potassium, but not as many parts of phosphorous. This would be an ideal fertilizer at this time since nitrogen and potassium are both ideal to have in abundance before winter. The extra nitrogen will help with the spring green-up later as well.

When it comes to the type of fertilizer, granular is a good one. That’s because the granules will dissolve slowly over time and are less likely to burn the grass as they can with quick-release liquid fertilizers.

Or, instead of going through the headache of researching products and dispersing them, you can let the professionals at 4-EverGreen Lawn Care do all the hard work! Our team has the equipment, training, and expertise to restore any nutrient imbalances in your lawn and get it on the right track before winter comes.

Boost Your Grass With A Pre-Winter Lawn Treatment From 4-EverGreen Lawn Care

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