Keep These Bugs Out With Exterior Pest Control

If you’re sick and tired of finding spiders, earwigs, centipedes, or other bugs in your home, you’re not alone. There’s no reason to put up with gross bugs that leave us feeling unsettled in our own homes. Your home should be your happy place. With preventative pest control, you can stop bugs before they ever get into your home.

What Is Perimeter Pest Control

Your pest control technician will use specialized products to create a barrier around the foundation of your home. This leaves behind a residue that will kill any bug that comes in contact with it. And the great thing is it continues to work long after we’ve sprayed. It even works through rainstorms! We will need to reapply several times throughout the season, but we will make sure to time these visits so you have continuous coverage. spider on floor in house

Bugs Repelled By Perimeter Pest Control


Spiders belong outdoors – not in your home. Like snakes, spiders are one of the top-ranking fears in humans, so it’s completely understandable why you don’t want them in your home. Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with their presence. And some of our southern spiders can be harmful or even fatal!


Millipedes may not look as terrifying as their cousins, the centipedes, but if you’ve spotted one in your home, there are likely more where that came from. Unfortunately, wild millipedes may travel in large groups. Millipedes are great for gardens, where they create loads of natural compost. In your home, they’re just plain annoying and creepy.


While centipedes don’t cause health problems, like cockroaches, they don’t damage our home like termites, but they have been known to bite when threatened. Children and pets are more likely to get bitten since they may try to handle the centipede. In addition to being highly creepy, they’re incredibly fast when startled, making killing them difficult to kill. They are masters of hide and seek, but an insect control application will treat even the tiniest nooks and crannies that Mr. Centipede uses to go in and out of the house.


The tiny black ants, called pavement ants that build little ant hills near driveways, sometimes find their way inside. They could be attracted by pet food, crumbs, or things left on the counter. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ant that plagues Tennessee’s homes. We also have carpenter ants to contend with. They burrow into wooden structures like furniture. Ants may be great for the garden, but indoors, they can quickly infest your home and compromise the integrity of furniture or even the house itself.


Earwigs will eat your houseplants, but they will not nest in your ear canal. This is a widespread myth. This is not true. In fact, any bug can get in your ear accidentally, but it’s rare. Like all bugs, they are more likely to run away if you come near. That being said, they are certainly one of the terrifying bugs to find in your home, and you can get rid of them with an exterior pest control application.


Named for the silvery scales that coat their exoskeleton, silverfish are found anywhere dark and dank – think basements or attics. They will damage papers or books if they find them, and unfortunately, bookshelves are a favorite of this insect. And they are only active at night, so you may not even realize you have a problem until it’s too late. They are rather small and will dart quickly when disturbed. Fortunately, they have no wings, so you won’t have to worry about them swarming mid-air. Losing some papers may not be as big of a headache as dealing with a pest like termites. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about your beloved books falling prey to a preventable bug infestation.


While cockroaches don’t look as creepy as spiders or centipedes, the health problems they create make them easily the worst possible bug to have in your home. Once roaches are inside your home, it becomes harder to eradicate them. As their numbers grow, the roaches will have to use the bathroom somewhere in your home. As disgusting as it is, the harsh reality is that their poop can cause or exacerbate asthma, and many people are highly allergic to cockroaches. cockroach on edge of table in house

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