How to Optimize Your Pest Control for Spring

Caring for your lawn is especially important as the spring season approaches. During this time, your lawn will be working hard to gain the nutrients it needs to bloom to its full potential. This can be easily interrupted by an underlying pest problem that goes unnoticed for a long period of time. 

It will be tough for a lawn to reach peak blooming if it is surrounded by untreated pests, insects, weeds, and diseases that are depriving your lawn and garden of essential nutrients. All types of pests are possible for causing a myriad of issues when they go untreated in your lawn.

We can teach our clients about the best ways to begin sustainable lawn care when dealing with various pest control problems, but the most effective action is simple: Ensure that your lawn is in a healthy, hydrated, and most importantly, a pest-free environment, so it can collect the nutrients it needs to thrive. a swarm of mosquitoes

Mosquito Control

Your lawn can become a hotspot for mosquitoes without you even noticing it. Mosquitoes can be attracted to standing water which can occur near drains or gutters, or even by a coy pond or pool that may be in your backyard. With professional mosquito control, you can target problem areas and prevent breeding grounds with repeated action against these harmful pests. This can be particularly great if you are hosting a party or event on your property! You can be sure to make a pest-free sanctuary so that your guests will want to stick around and enjoy the fun.

Steering Clear of Ticks and Fleas

It can be easy to assume these particular pests are simply pesky and nothing else, but ticks and fleas can carry harsh diseases (such as Lyme Disease) and they are harmful to your pets just as they are to you and your family. When you have pests, if you target both the eggs of these pests and the adults, your lawn can be flea and tick free in a few applications. This is something that needs to be done early — waiting until halfway through the season when it begins to show signs of infestation isn’t going to allow you much room for getting these pests under control. 

Keeping an Eye Out- Grub Worms two grubs in soil

It could be pretty overwhelming to know where to start when trying to identify problem areas with pest control as they sometimes have minimum symptoms for a prolonged period of time. If your lawn is showing signs of rolling, or spots of browning that just cannot seem to be treated, this can easily be a sign of a grub problem. Additionally, if your pet displays signs of excessive itching, you could have a tick and flea problem that you may not be able to see! 

Planning for Professional Help | Call 4-EverGreen

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