The Best Spring Tree Care Tips for Your Tennessee Ornamentals

Spring has returned, and the world is coming back to life. Tennessee is turning green again as the temperatures warm up and the grass and plants wake from winter dormancy. Among those waking from dormancy are our trees. This is a critical time for our trees and shrubs as the warmer temperatures, and wet weather bring a whole host of threats. Spring tree pests wake from their winter slumber while diseases and fungi become more active. Here are a few of the best spring tree care tips to help your trees flourish this year.

Spring Trimming and Pruning

Before the leaves grow back, it’s a great time to trim and prune your trees and shrubs. Without the leaves in the way, it’s easy to spot damaged, diseased, dangerous, and ugly branches. You can see A tree branch being trimmed by handthe entire shape of the tree and decide if and how you want to change or encourage it this year. Spring tree trimming and pruning is an essential part of maintaining your lawn and landscaping this year.

Pruning is the more precise of the two services. It uses smaller tools and is geared more towards boosting the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs by eliminating smaller branches. Pruning away the outer branches is a great way to give the interior branches more access to the sun and air they need to fill out. Trimming, on the other hand, is more for major maintenance and changing the overall shape of the tree. Trim away lower branches to lift the canopy and allow you to use more of your lawn. You can also trim away branches that were damaged from storms, pests, or diseases, protecting you, your family, and your home from potential disasters.

Keep Your Trees Safe From Pests

As the trees and shrubs wake up from winter dormancy, so to do the pests and fungi that wreak havoc on our ornamentals. Many tree-damaging pests overwinter on the bark and branches of the trees they damage. In the spring, these pests become active again and immediately get to work on your trees. 

Tree-Damaging Pests in Tennessee This SpringAsian longhorn beetle

  • Aphids
  • Spider mites
  • Scale
  • Asian Longhorned beetle
  • Bagworms
  • Gypsy moth
  • Southern pine beetle
  • Spotted lanternfly
  • ISP bark beetle
  • Sirex Woodwasp
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Hemlock Wooly Adelgid


The absolute best way to control pests is with integrated pest management. Through cultural practices, biological control, and even habitat manipulation, you can create an ecosystem that makes it difficult for pests to flourish. Pest control products can be used when they have been detected. This way, the pests never have a chance to establish themselves. Dormant oil applications in the early spring and late fall are a great way to prevent pests from overwintering on your trees, reducing the first wave of pests. 

Protect Your Trees With Mulch

An easy way to give your trees a boost throughout the entire year is by adding mulch around the base. Mulch is more than just a beautiful addition to your property, it’s also extremely beneficial. A layer of mulch works as a barrier for weeds, killing off the established ones, and preventing new weeds from sprouting. Adding a layer of mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs also acts as an insulator. This blanket helps protect the root zone from dangerously fluctuating temperatures. The temperature regulation also helps prevent water from evaporating, aiding in water retention, and reducing the amount of watering you’ll have to do throughout the year. Make sure you avoid piling the mulch up against the trunk of the tree, as this can lead to vole damage in the winter.

Keep Your Tennessee Trees Healthy With Services From 4 EverGreen

This spring, give your trees and shrubs exactly what they need by investing in a tree and shrub care program from the pros at 4-EverGreen. Our specially-designed program is built around the specific needs of your Tennessee trees and shrubs. With beneficial services like deep-root fertilization, integrated pest management (IPM), dormant oil applications, and more, your ornamentals are sure to have a fruitful year.


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