Skip the Lines, Give the Gift of Premium Lawn Care This Holiday Season

Who wants to wait in line all day to get the latest hot gift? We have the perfect holiday gift right here at 4-EverGreen, a premium lawn care program. If you have someone on your list that doesn’t have enough energy or time to maintain their yard, then this is the perfect gift for them. It also works well for first-time homeowners. This gift may even be perfect for you. Here are a few reasons to consider giving the gift of premium lawn care this holiday season.

Guarantee Your Spot in the Schedule

While most people wait too long to start their lawn care program, with the holiday gift of a lawn care program from 4-EverGreen, you’ll guarantee your spot in the schedule. Not only that, we’ll ensure your first treatment starts at the first opportunity. By starting your lawn care program in the spring, you’ll be ensuring your lawn starts on a strong and healthy foundation. From there, we will build on that and continue to improve the health and beauty over the year.

Choose the Program That’s Right for You

With our three options to choose from, 4-EverGreen has the right program for everyone. Whether you’re looking for general maintenance or something a little more comprehensive, we have the options for you. The Basic package includes 5 treatments, maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the year. The Deluxe package includes 7 treatments, including a lime application and an early winter granular application for the most comprehensive lawn care plan. Our most popular option, the Deluxe package, includes 6 treatments, including the lime application.

Achieve a Weed-Free Lawn

With the gift of premium lawn care from 4-EverGreen, you can finally achieve a weed-free lawn here in Cordova, TN.
With the holiday gift of a lawn care program from 4-EverGreen, you’ll finally be able to achieve a weed-free lawn. From the beginning, our pre-emergent application in the spring will stop weed seeds from taking root in your yard. From there, we will continue to treat your lawn with post-emergent applications to maintain that weed-free lawn. Finally, in the fall we will apply another pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed seeds from overwintering in your lawn.

Boost the Health With Beneficial Fertilizer

Well-timed applications of perfectly formulated fertilizers will ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs when it needs it. Lawns have different needs depending on the time of year. We ensure your lawn receives the most beneficial nutrients at the most beneficial time. From fertilizers to aid in greening-up in the spring and early summer to fertilizers that foster strong root growth in the late fall. Your lawn will be well-fed throughout the year.

Call the Professionals at 4-EverGreen

Don’t wait, let’s get started today. To find out how you can get the best holiday gift around, call the professionals at 4-EverGreen about our lawn care programs.

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