Benefits to Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall

Weed Control With Fall Lawn Fertilization

Fall brings a palette of colors to life, cooler temperatures, and hot apple cider. It’s also the best time to start fertilizing your lawn. After the summer fun is over and the kids are settled back into school, it’s essential to give your grass the extra nutrients it needs to thrive. Because summer heat dries out lawns and fall brings cooler temperatures, fall provides the perfect environment for your lawn. Fertilizing in the fall strengthens your plants and lawn roots, giving them a strong base on which to survive. It helps prepare your grass for a healthy spring. We suggest having your lawn fertilized two to three weeks before the first frost.

Fall Lawn Fertilization Promotes Weed Control

Fall lawn fertilization acts as an effective broadleaf weed control for your Arlington, TN lawn.
There are certain types of weeds that germinate in the late summer and early fall and begin to develop in the winter. Some common types of annual winter weeds are henbit, deadnettle, field madder, common chickweed, mouse-ear chickweed, buttercup, and Carolina geranium (which can be perennial). It’s important to treat these types of weeds early so that they aren’t a problem in the springtime.

Cool-Season Grass

Cool-season grasses such as Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass exhibit their most aggressive leaf and stem growth at temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees. They stop above-ground growth at around 40 degrees. These grasses grow best during fall and spring, it’s best to get a head start on your fall lawn fertilization now.

Benefits to Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall

Morning dew on your Arlington, TN lawn will help aid in the absorption of fall lawn fertilizer.

  • The morning dew produced in the fall provides moisture that will help absorb the fertilizer
  • Your grass will have a chance to build strength giving it a strong base to thrive next spring
  • It will ensure your lawn is more resistant to disease and drought in the spring

The most important and yet most challenging part of fall fertilization is determining the type of fertilizer to use. Because there are three ingredients in fertilizer, each one provides a different way of giving strength and durability to your lawn. Nitrogen promotes lawn blade and foliage growth; phosphorous improves root growth while potassium helps to protect your grass and their roots from the cold.

Our trained experts at 4 EverGreen can help take the guesswork out of which formula to use. We recommend taking advantage of one of our Lawn Care Programs. Our Lawn Care Programs provide maintenance throughout the whole year, including a fall application of fertilizer and pre-emergent.

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