3 Reasons Why Aeration Is Vital To Your Lawn’s Health This Spring

When it comes to spring lawn care, one of the most important things you can do to benefit the health and appearance of your lawn is to aerate. Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with holes, pulling up small plugs of dirt, and then re-distributing the plugs of dirt to decompose back into the soil. Aeration provides your lawn with a plethora of benefits!

3 Reasons To Aerate Your Lawn This Spring 

Aeration Alleviates Compacted Soil

Lawn aeration is beneficial to your Tennessee lawn, offering up benefits like alleviating soil compaction.

Compacted soil makes it extremely difficult for grass and trees to grow effectively. First, compaction prevents your grass from fully developing deep root systems. Second, water will collect on top of the soil, instead of dissolving into the soil following rainfall. Finally, it will keep the soil and roots from receiving important nutrients.

Your soil becomes compacted when the pore space (the area for air and water to circulate) gets pushed together. This usually occurs when heavy weight or consistent foot traffic occurs on the grass. If you walk on your lawn following a winter snow or after a rainy day, there’s a good chance your soil could become compacted.

The good news is aeration alleviates compacted soil. By pulling up those plugs of soil you are re-creating pore space and giving your grass room to breathe and receive those essential nutrients like fertilizer, air, and water.

Aeration Reduces Thatch Buildup

Thatch is the buildup of dead grass blades, roots, and shoots that builds up between the soil and the grass. Anything more than half an inch of thatch will block and restrict the movement of water, air, fertilizer, and other nutrients that your grass needs. Thatch starts building up when your lawn produces organic debris faster than it can break it down, which commonly occurs after a winter with a lot of snow.

Core aeration will help break up that layer of thatch. The soil organisms from the plugs being pulled up will combine with the thatch, resulting in the mix-up of thatch-decomposing microorganisms, resulting in the breakdown of thatch and the prevention of further accumulation. Aeration will allow your grass to fully develop their root systems while receiving those important nutrients to guarantee lush, healthy growth.

Aeration And Overseeding

Lawn aeration can help get beneficial nutrients down to your grass roots, keeping your Arlington, TN lawn lush and healthy, all year long.

The final reason why aeration is vital to the health of your lawn this spring is because it provides your lawn with the prime opportunity to overseed. Overseeding is the process of applying an abundance of new grass seed into the soil after aeration. This will result in the thickening of your turf, which works as a natural defense against weeds, lawn pests, and lawn diseases.

Overseeding is also great for areas of your lawn that have struggled coming out of the winter season. If there are areas of your lawn that look brown and sickly, aerate first to open the soil for new grass seed, and then apply that new seed to the struggling areas. This will bring balance to your lawn, along with giving it a great head start on the growing season. Make sure you choose the right grass type for your lawn!

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