The Benefits of Deep-Root Fertilizers

When we plant a tree we do so with the intention of having it grow old with us, provide shade for our family, and beautify our landscapes. They’re an important investment, that’s why we want them to stay healthy and strong. But they might not be getting the most out of your traditional fertilizer.

 traditional fertilizer for trees
tree trunk

Most fertilizers take a long time and a lot of water to soak down into the roots not to mention competition from other plants. At 4-EverGreen we have the solution: Deep root fertilizers.

What Is Deep Root Feeding?

Deep root feeding is the method by which fertilizer, water, insecticides, and other enhancers are injected directly into the root system of a tree under high-pressure. This targeted process delivers a time-released mixture of nutrients right where the tree needs it, the roots. This promotes year-round growth and has long-lasting benefits.

The Benefits of Deep Root Feeding

Deep root injections are fast and targeted with results you can see.

1. Encourages root growth: The targeted mixture goes right where it needs to and fast, resulting in quicker absorption and effectiveness.

2. Proper nutrients for trees: Mixtures are specifically designed for the tree in question.

3. Healthier more attractive trees: Because the tree won’t need to compete with other trees or plants, it can take all the nutrients for itself.

4. Soil Aeration: The instruments used to inject the fertilizer also loosens the soil around the tree reducing compaction.

 soil aeration for trees
soil aeration

5. Protection from disease and insects: Certain trees are vulnerable to diseases and the pests that carry them.

7. Promotes healthy foliage: You will see a fast, noticeable difference in the lushness of your trees.

Depending on the season, weather, and other factors, your tree’s needs are not always the same. Deep root injections keep the tree in top shape by giving them everything they need to grow strong.

Get your trees in top shape this year with deep root fertilization and other lawn care services by 4-EverGreen. Call and make an appointment at one of our three locations or just leave a message on our site.