This Blooming Shrub Is A Great Indicator For Lawns, Landscapes, and Master Gardeners


               Blooming Forsythia

Spring Forward

As we “Spring forward”, this vibrant-colored, blooming shrub called the Forsythia,  indicates so much for landscapers, lawn professionals, and master gardeners.

The famous Forsythia Shrub is a fountain-shaped shrub that can be a dramatic, eye-catching addition to gardens and landscapes. It also is a great indicator for many that the growing season has officially began. The explosion of their yellow blooms comes at times when soil temperatures are reaching levels for plants to become more active. Below we outline some of the information that the blooming Forsythia provides to us as a guide.

Crabgrass Control: Soil temperatures are rising and crabgrass, along with many other summer weeds, are about to germinate. If no preventative treatments are applied, weeds will compete for food and water and try to choke out your desired turf grass.

Pruning: This is a great time to trim back your landscape. Early spring is the best time for more aggressive pruning due to the plants soon to be flushing out.

Gardening: It is time to prepare your garden area. While the Forsythia is in bloom, it is a great time to plant vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach, peas, carrots, beets, and radishes. Once finished blooming, it is an ideal time to plant your potatoes.

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