What’s The Worst Thing If I Do Not Spray My Lawn?

What is the worst thing that can happen by not spraying my lawn?

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Both warm season grasses (Bermuda and Zoysia) and cool season grasses (Ryegrass and Fescue) thrive at different times of the year. The one thing that remains constant is weeds, as they thrive year round. In fact, they seem to NEVER go away. They may leave for a few months only to come back with more of a vengeance.

So seasonal weeds may be leaving or dying out at times while others are just beginning to thrive. During these transition periods, it often times leaves homeowners with a big muddy or dusty mess throughout the lawn.

So if left alone, the weeds in your lawn can and most likely will choke out your existing turf. Your current grass and the weeds are fighting for food and water to survive. The food is in the form of fertilizer and/or organic matter and the water is through rainfall or irrigation.


As weeds continue to grow and spread, they have the ability to shade out or choke out the desired turf. This can lead to totally killing out your lawn that you want and need.

A basic weed control and fertilizer strategy is an inexpensive way to keep your lawn from being taken over. Preventative sprays in the spring and fall will keep weeds from germinating and a couple of summer feeding will help keep your lawn healthy and looking great.


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