Holy Moley!!

Holy Moley!!

Imagine walking out of the door of your home expecting a breath of fresh air and a view of your well-manicured lawn only to find trails of raised dirt. Holy Moley! Not only are moles tearing up many lawns in our area, they leave behind small trenches or tunnels that can become dangerous when washed out by rain. WE work hard alongside many customers across West Tennessee and parts of Missouri to give them a beautiful, easier to maintain, and weed free lawn that makes us both proud!

Moles are one of those pests that we are seeing more and more of that are increasing frustration for many homeowners, as well as lawn care professionals. We have found some very effective control measures that I would like to share with you now.

We have heard of many snake oils in the past, such as putting Juicy Fruit Gum, Alka Seltzer, and other repellents in the mole tunnels and these allegedly make the moles just disappear! Not so much for us! Having the time to shoot, trap, or dig them up, is not something we all have the ability to do just to save us a few bucks.

The main two food sources for moles are the white grubs and earthworms. There are many variables that go into mole control, such as soil temperatures and time of year. This must be considered to accurately determine when action must be taken. Both of these pests mainly live in the soil and burrow deeper as soil temperatures are cold. This makes it a little more difficult to control the moles during the cooler months. Therefore, as temperatures rise, the grub worms get closer to the surface making them more susceptible to pesticides. So take our advice, remove the food and the moles will go!

White Grub


At 4-Evergreen, we use a combination of short-term and long-term approaches to rid the lawn of this nuisance pest. First, we remove the food source. We attack the grubs and earthworms that moles feed on. Next, we give them a different food source with an active bait ingredient. This two-pronged approach to Mole Control has proven extremely effective for us and is one of our customers’ favorite services.



If you have any questions or need assistance with your moles or any other lawn care related problems, we would be glad to help.

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