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Having a lawn care company is not something you give a lot of thought to. For those of you who use 4-EverGreen, we appreciate your business and assure you it is never taken for granted. But let’s face it, what you want is a pretty, green, weed free lawn and you may or may not pay someone to come provide that for you. Our job, as a professional lawn care service is to provide you with that beautiful green lawn. Believe it or not, it’s not that simple for us as we deal with many different properties with different types of grass, different soil make-ups, and different circumstances.

To provide the best service for the customer, we have to take each lawn individually and figure out what it needs, and what it doesn’t need, what works, and what doesn’t work. Getting a soil analysis is an easy way to know the soil make-up of your particular lawn and that information gives us the ability to know how to get the best results from the service. Recently, we pulled samples from 2 different properties on the same street and one had a pH of 7.3 and the other had a pH of 5.9. One of these lawns could benefit from a lime application where the other would not benefit at all. No one likes to spend money on things they don’t need.


With a soil analysis, a true custom program can be built with the appropriate fertilizers and other products that your lawn can get full benefit from and omit the things that it cannot or will not use. pH levels have to be pretty neutral in order for the elements in fertilizers to make themselves readily available to the plant(grass). Acidic soil can also influence plant growth by its effect on beneficial microorganisms, like bacteria, that decompose organic matter. The breakdown of organic matter releases nitrogen, which is vital for plant growth.

This is just a small example of the picture a soil analysis can create. It holds a lot of other good information to decide what applications you need and the ones you don’t. If you are interested in getting a soil analysis, give us a call. We can come pull a few plugs from different areas of the lawn to get an overall reading of the soil and put together a program that works best for you!
Scott Riley
4-Evergreen, LLC

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