The Art Of Mowing: Part 1

At 4-EverGreen, we preach the importance of mowing on a daily basis. We know firsthand the many mistakes homeowners make across West Tennessee and parts of Missouri while mowing. Lawn Care is an awesome emotional experience that, if… Read More

Where Do Weeds Come From?

Where do weeds come from? Once I traveled from Canada back into the United States and before being allowed to enter, we were forced to power wash all of the dirt and mud from our rented vehicle. The… Read More

How To Save your “Grass” Some Money With 4-EverGreen!

I Want To Save Your “Grass” Some Money! If I offended anyone with my subject line, I apologize. I hope you see the humor. However, I guess my strategy worked since you are reading this blog. So, thanks… Read More

First Day Of Spring Is Freezing Cold…So What Does That Mean?

The First Day Of Spring Brought Snow….Really? In some parts of the country, our 2015/2016 winter has been the mildest ever on record. Compared to the winter of last year, we are 6 weeks of warmer weather ahead… Read More

This Blooming Shrub Is A Great Indicator For Lawns, Landscapes, and Master Gardeners

Spring Forward As we “Spring forward”, this vibrant-colored, blooming shrub called the Forsythia,  indicates so much for landscapers, lawn professionals, and master gardeners. The famous Forsythia Shrub is a fountain-shaped shrub that can be a dramatic, eye-catching addition… Read More

What’s The Worst Thing If I Do Not Spray My Lawn?

What is the worst thing that can happen by not spraying my lawn? Both warm season grasses (Bermuda and Zoysia) and cool season grasses (Ryegrass and Fescue) thrive at different times of the year. The one thing that… Read More

Mistakes You Are Making With Your Valuable Customers

  11 Mistakes You Are Probably Making With Your Customers Because I Was!   Let’s talk about the thing most people don’t like to talk about. MONEY. Let’s face it, money may not be the most important thing, but it… Read More

Common Mistakes With Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care

Common Mistakes With Do-it-Yourself Lawn Care   We understand the importance of finances and budgets. We also realize you work hard for your money, and you deserve to use it only on things you must have in your everyday life. However, it… Read More

4-EverGreen’s March Madness Sales

Put Your Lawn In The Good Hands  Of The 4-EverGreen Team (731)264-0088 March is here and spring is quickly approaching.  Take advantage of our PRE-SPRING SPECIALS to save you money and time so you can have the lawn… Read More

Choosing a Lawn Care Provider

(731)264-0088   Choosing a Lawn Care Provider When it comes to choosing a lawn care provider for your home or business, we all want to make the right decision. But when we start to do our homework… Read More